Situation on the labour market in Lower Silesia (Poland)

ImageLower Silesia is part of the Poland, situated in south-western part on the middle river Odra. This is the Polish unit of administrative division, one of the 16 provinces with the capital in Wroclaw – the largest city in the region.

In recent years unemployment rate in Lower Silesia had significantly reduced. However, there is a problem with two negative phenomenas still persist in the region – still high structural unemployment in some counties (and the increasing distance between the counties and even the capital of the region – Wroclaw) and constant high level of unemployment among young people aged 15-24.

All residents of Lower Silesia is about 2 900 000 people, the number of registered unemployed people is 155 000 – the unemployment rate was 13.2%. In February 2012 labor offices registered 18.3 thousand new unemployed – 3.0% more than the previous year but about 21.8% less than last month. People who have registered for the first time were 18.4% of all newly registered. At the same time in February 14.0 thousand people were deregistered – 1.7% less than last year, while 8.5% more than last month. At the end of February in the structure of registered unemployed people women accounted for 51.5% (0.6% more than year before).

In comparison to the overall situation on the labour market that results from the global crisis, the condition of Lower Silesian economy is on the background other European countries and regions relatively good, although the weaker economic situation affects undoubtedly some slowdown which particularly affected sectors of the economy export-oriented and those that are important for the labour market.



2 thoughts on “Situation on the labour market in Lower Silesia (Poland)

  1. IN my home country-Slovakia we have the same problem,in Eastern Slovakia,unemployment has risen from 16% to 18%.And in my point of view ,reason of high unemployment is that there was situated armaments industry in times of Czechoslovakia which was stopped after the turnover of Czechoslovakia and a lot of people lost their jobs but also reason is that this part of Slovakia is not so interesting for investors to set up their business there.


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