Czech people – work in Germany, live in Czech republic. Why?

Year from opening of Austrian and German market for citizens of new EU member states are increasingly looking for Czechs working abroad. The numberof employed foreigners increased our western neighbors of thousands. Czechsoften commutes to work, do not migrate beyond. The Bavarian town of Zollner Zandt, twenty kilometers from the Czech border,Bohemia employs twenty years. With the full opening of the labor market forcitizens from eight EU countries in May last year but it fell off and all administrative obstacles for the company is employing people from the otherside of the border considerably more attractive.
“We do not need no permission was needed before a lot of documents andeverything is now completely free of complications,” says Martin Hofmannchanges in personnel departments. In Zandt and found work in the past yeartwenty people in manufacturing and two engineers recently graduated from the school of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. Three more students arrive at the same school summer job. The Pilsen high school representatives seektalent before graduation. Still unable to fulfill the expectations that the majority of German companies – to fill the fatal lack of skilled workers in manufacturing. In addition to engineers working because all newly employed Czechs at Zollner only auxiliary positions.”We receive many resumes for assistant jobs. But the skilled positions there are very few,” said Hofmann. BA in the analysis points out that the statistics on new staff totally disagree with the numbers of people who have newly immigrated to Germany. According to theoffice, many of them lived in the country before, but either did not work at all, or a business license. According to experts, the labor market, however many peoplecan work outside without permission and now operate only legally. In the case of the Czechs, many of them just across the border daily commute,but lives in the Czech Republic. It is also the case with most new employees the company Zollner. They moved only recent graduates of the University of Pilsen,who had previously built its own facilities in the country.


3 thoughts on “Czech people – work in Germany, live in Czech republic. Why?

  1. Do you think that this has to deal with the cost of living? I would assume that the cost of living in Germany may be quite high. Understandably they want to stay where the cost of living is cheap even if they means that they have to travel for work. In addition, these people probably do not want to uproot their families but still want work. I am not sure what the unemployment rate is in Czech Republic but I know that Germany has a strong economy. The Czech people I would assume are unable to find work in the Czech Republic so they have resorted to working in Germany. Perhaps there is a cultural barrier for many of these people and while they are comfortable working in Germany they are not okay with living in Germany. I am not sure the reasoning but I am glad that people are working regardless of having to travel back and forth. The Czech people are very lucky to have this opportunity to find jobs in this recession.

  2. I think it is mainly the cheaper cost of living, as I know czech people. And also to build the hole “home” a hundred kilometrs far away is not so easy and you have so much work with it especially when it is in different country. Also some goverment issues and some laws oh it think it is much more easier to commute few hours than to move your whole familly there. As I heard they also quite often just rent a room in a flat and during week they are working there and for a weekend they go back home. We have nowadays also a special term for this because it is more and more usual if you want to have a good paid job and still have your for many years build home and not move the whole familly to different place. Also my mother did it and it was okay, even it was exhausting to work 4hours by train from home.


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