Finnish economy

Finland has transformed its economy in a matter of decades to become one of the richest countries and most stable societies in the world. In the 1950s the Finnish economy was still largely based on primary production and an agrarian workforce. Today Finland is leading or near the top of most international comparisons in terms of growth and development in the economic, technological and social spheres.

The largest sector of the Finnish economy is services at 65 %, followed by manufacturing and refining at 31 %. Primary production is at 3 %. Finland’s main industrial products are paper and board, electronics and metal products. The engineering and high technology industries, led by Nokia, have long been the leading branches of manufacturing.




3 thoughts on “Finnish economy

  1. Mhmm it sounds nice. I really like Finland and hope once i can see their style of living and also get know more about their economy. Seems to me unbelieveble that people are almost not steeling from each others like it happeneds everywhere else. Or is it the same as in other countries and this idea is far from the reality?

  2. This is interesting. It’s obviously that Finland is one of the richer countries world wide. My question is, what’s after this? I can’t find it in the text. On the other hand is it interesting to see that only 65% of the jobs are at services. Because at developed countries (Western Europe and the US) is it around 75 percent.


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