Working abroad in the European labor market

The EU’s member states have to work on putting a stop to early school leaving; helping young people to improve skills related to labour market, guaranteeing job training and aiding young graduates find their first jobs

The current condition for young people in many European countries is becoming worse. Without significant action of EU and national levels, we risk losing our young generation with a serious economic and social cost

Some European Union leaders have a message for young people finding work as the unemployment rate for teenagers, twenties, and even people in their thirties continues to get higher across most of the twenty seven nation bloc: Leave home.

According to Employment Commissioner Laszlo Andor, it is better for young people to look for jobs outside their home country in other EU states. He said that “If we want to create more opportunities for the young people, we have to create and highlight … chances in other countries”.

Also, other leaders have urged the unemployed to move even further from home.

In the case of England, 250,000 English people leave their country every year to work abroad. There are not enough work places in this country. They have a rather low unemployment rate compared to most of the other countries.

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5 thoughts on “Working abroad in the European labor market

  1. I find this article very interesting. I read a recent article about Spain’s college graduates and how they should move abroad in order to find a job. I am a bit jealous because for us, (citizens of the United States) it simply is not as easy to work abroad. I have already planned on moving after I graduate to teach English in order to save money. There are opportunities out there for all of us the problem is we probably will have to move to take advantage of these opportunities. While it will involve a lot of change for people I think we all need to do what we have to in this economic situation. I personally think that it would be good for people like myself to work abroad but I also understand that some people just are not meant for it. If this starts becoming a new trend then there will be changes throughout Europe. Many cultures will have to mix and there will be language barriers for many, It will stray away families and will have lasting impacts. The truth is, we all need to do what we have to do.

  2. It is difficulet to say what shall be done – either the governments should try to produce new jobs for young people, or young people should leave their countries and work abroad. Both options have its pros and cons. Stayinh at home, is of course more comfortable and you stay with your family. But the job you acquire in your home country is usually not so well paid as you what you can get in the foreing country. Teengers, on the other hand, should try to work abroad so they get different experiences and try to live on their own. Plus, usually when you work abroad you get better payment for the some job you would do in your country. My point of view is influenced by the position of Slovakia (my home country). A lot of younf people leave Slovakia in order to earn much more money than in Slovakia and in order to experience some “real life” on their own.

    Katarína hurkalová

  3. This is an interesting article. Ofcourse if there is no jobs available in the home country people will have to move to get jobs. And I guess that it is better than being unemployed in the home country and for some people it will be a great experience. Its a solution but But it doesnt feel optimal. If young people start to leave their home countries to work abroad i think that other countries will gain from their knowledge but the home country will loose a lot of young skills and competences that might be needed to build up the economy. A solution to create jobs for young people in their home countries would ofcourse be optimal. Working abroad should in the perfect society be an interesting experiance and a chice for those who want to and not a nessecity to get a job.

  4. From my point of view, it is not a bad idea that young people leave their home country in order to work abroad. In this way, they get to know another culture and other people, which is important for the self-development.

    Actually we can notice a big change in Spain; as the economic situation in Spain is quite difficult, spanish people recognize how important it is to know other languages, because they have to look for work in other countries.

    But I absolutely agree with the author of the first comment; some people are not meant for this, it is difficult for them to live apart from their family and friends.

    I think that young people or people who just graduate from university and are not able to find work in their home country should take the opportunity to go abroad. Like this, they will not only gain work experience but also international connections and other advantages. Afterwards they can still go back to their home country and maybe have better chances to get a job.

    Nowadays working experience in an international context became so important and most of the companies are requesting it.
    So, we should maybe see it positive that we cannot find work in our home country…


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