Austria faces lack of skilled workers

Austria´s economy is running quite well and also the rate of unemployment shows one of the lowest numbers in the European Union. Although a recent research, where Austrian companies were interviewed, shows that companies are facing a lack of skilled workers in the average of 30% of the required jobs. So which branches are most affected on this shortage of skilled workers?

The most affected jobs are found in tourism and gastronomy, like for instance Austria is depending on foreign workers in many touristic areas in the summer and winter seasons.  Furthermore there is also a shortage of workers in the nursing sector, especially because of the eldering population the need of workers in this area will increase in the next years. Moreover companies in the field of construction have also problems to find enough qualified workers in Austria.

Reasons for this upcoming trend are on the one hand insufficient professional skills or specialization and education that is not up to date. And on the other hand we find reasons like for instance missing labour motivation.

How can Austria react on this lack of skilled workers? First of all the general professional education should be improved and it should be easier for workers to achieve qualifications afterwards as additional qualifications. Furthermore companies should be more aware of advanced training of their employees. And Austria should improve the strategy of bringing skilled foreigners to Austria to work there.



3 thoughts on “Austria faces lack of skilled workers

  1. It is always interesting for me to hear about a lack of skilled workers in Austria, especially in the sectors of tourism, gastronomy and also nursing where Austria has a really great offering of study programs.
    From my point of view these new study programs are a new trend in collages and also universities and it is also said that there is a great interest of the people for studying these programs.

    Why is it possible that Austria has a shortage of these skilled workers?

    One of the most important reasons is the problem of low payment, because according to payment the reputation of the tourism and also the nursing sector is not the best. Analogue this could also be a reason for the lack of skilled workers in the technical area, because many engineers are working abroad to earn more money.

  2. I also think that the main problem of missing skilled workers in the sectors of tourism, gastronomy and nursing is the bad payment and the bad working hours. In this kind of jobs it´s difficult to connect family and job, because in many cases people have to work until late at night or are attending a shift work system. There is no motivation to work in this sectors. For example many students are working during studdy time as a waiter but afterwords nobody is interested in working for longer in this sectors.


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