Amsterdam have 177 different nationalities

Amsterdam subsidizes unemployed and immigrants
The people who get social assistance are not be able to find a new job. The municipality of Amsterdam has the largest effort to welfare recipients to find work. From the people who were unemployed in 2009 and received social benefits had only 5.8 percent found a job in 2009. In not one another municipality with more than 100.000 inhabitants is that so low.

Notwithstanding the cutbacks at the municipal level, Amsterdam will provide scholarships to the unemployed an poor workers.

When they get a diploma they are allowed to pay only a part of it. The municipal credit bank will give scholarships to People from Amsterdam with an salary around the 800 euro. Normal they can borrow a maximum of 1400 euro but will be more if they are going to study. The deposit has a low cost interest.
Amsterdam has in 2012 money for 250 scholarships. But this is just the beginning it is the meaning that they get more budget. The meaning of these is to get people without a job in the opportunity to find a job.
When they divide the scholarships for the poor people they have a conversation with them about the opportunities. Also the age is important for example someone of 50 years old who is doing history of art is not a well candidate.
In the table under this you can see the line of the human who were in Amsterdam. The purple line are human who were born in Amsterdam and the blue line are Dutch people who were not born in Amsterdam but in another city. Green are not western immigrants and yellow are western immigrants. There are so many people going to Amsterdam that it gives problems in education, culture and work. A lot of these immigrants can’t find a job because they are not speaking well Dutch. And thats not good for the labour market in Amsterdam.


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