Economic situation in Franconia

The economic situation in the Franconian part of Bavaria obviously did not change significantly during the debt crisis in the European Union. The Franconian economy is still in stable conditions. According to the financial statements, the regional companies assessed their situation, despite the debt crisis in the euro area, still in a good way.

However, the industrial situation has worsened for the first time since the slump in 2009. Concerning the decreasing dynamics of the global economic condition, the industrial enterprises are reporting on a decline in orders. In contrast, the boom in the construction industry still lasts. Moreover, the service providers report also a high mood. Even the wholesale trade is at record levels. Anyway, the employers at retail complain about customers buying significantly less than they were six months ago. These are the results of the latest economic survey by the IHK Heilbronn-Franken, in which more than 380 companies with approximately 65,000 employers took part in.

The spring-time arranges the decline of the unemployment rate. The number of the unemployed population decreased in March to approximately 97,000. According to this, there are about 5,000 more employed workers in March than in February 2012. The reason for the rising number of employees is the recovery of the labour market in the spring months compared to the winter months. Especially in the construction sector, the unemployment rate during the winter months increased extensively. The highest unemployment rate in Bavaria continues to face Nuremberg. The economic engine started after the winter months. From the spring recovery in March benefited in particular the Upper Franconian labour market. That is heavily influenced by foreign professionals. As the downside of the development the Agency of Schweinfurt refers to increasing problems of the companies to find suitable collaborators, particularly in the maintenance area or in the gastronomy. As already mentioned, the bottom of the table is the city Nuremberg. There, the unemployment rate is still at 8.0 percent. Most, Oberfranken (Upper Franconia) could benefit from the spring recovery. In March, there were more than 27,000 people registered as unemployed, about 2,000 less than in February. The ratio declined by 0.4 percentage points to 4.7 percent.



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