German unions have agreed with the government on wage increases, won 6 percent

Two million German government employees will also benefit from two years of gradual increase salaries by 6.3 percent. They agreed on the trade union representatives and government. End up after three weeks warning strike of state employees, which in various regions of Germany disrupt service.

The union Verdi last week rejected the government’s offer, under which salaries were roughly two million public employees rise by 3.3 percent, and persistently demanded wage increases of 6.5 percent.

Union President Frank Bsirske after the last round of negotiations that ended at dawn today in Potsdam, welcomed the agreement which will get a “permanent” increase in real wages over the next two years.

The agreement ensures that civil servants will be with retrospective effect from 1 March salary increased by 3.5 percent, further increases will follow in January and August 2013. Staff members of airports will also receive a special bonus € 600.
Dissatisfaction with public sector employees’ wages in recent weeks has resulted in a warning strike, which gradually in different regions of Germany disrupt service to the public. Trade unionists are trying to increase pressure on the government before the next round of negotiations.


2 thoughts on “German unions have agreed with the government on wage increases, won 6 percent

  1. I welcome the success of the company “Verdi” in this dispute, however, moves to the problem of labor disputes in Germany since a long time. In my opinion, it should be tried to find a lasting solution which would be in the interest of both parties. The result could be dispensed with constant negotiations and strikes, if they would agree, for example, to an automatic increase of salaries in relation to the growing inflation.


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