Local authority helps inhabitants to go back to work

In the second half of 2011 the amount of unemployment people decreased and the economy shrank in the Netherlands. In 2012 a further decrease of unemployment is expected in all the provinces of the Netherlands.
The regional differences in unemployment are big. In the northern province Groningen the unemployment percentage will be expected above 9% of the labour force. Whereas the province Zeeland only has a percentage of 4.3% of the labour force. The prospect of the nation average of unemployment in 2012 is 6.3% of the labour force.

Big companies announced reorganisations where in total thousands of jobs will be lost. Although mostly the finance sector and the industry sector are named when it comes to reorganisations, there are only a few sectors that can escape reorganisations and discharges.

In Overijssel the situation is the same as in entire Netherlands. Thanks to the relapse of the building and the industry the economy will shrimp with -0.1% in 2012. This is a big difference with the grow of 2.1% in 2011. This deterioration of the economy will have consequences for the labour market in Overijssel. The prospect of unemployment in 2012 will be 6.7% of the labour force.

Zwolle, the capital of the province Overijssel, is preparing for the big unemployment. The local authority want to help their inhabitants to go back to work. Hereby is the focus on special groups like youth or long term unemployed. This is what Zwolle does for its inhabitants:

Long term unemployed
When someone is long term unemployed it is extra difficult to find a job. Together with a consultant of the local authority you will perceive where your opportunities are. A plan will be made to increase your changes in the labour market. This could be done by helping with applying for jobs, an internship with conservation of welfare or even a job with allowance.

With help of the local authority  you actively work on finding a job. If this doesn’t work you will improve you position in the labour market with extra education.

Local authority will help immigrants a lot to find a job. Especially in the area of language education and integrating in Dutch culture there is a lot possible.
There are also special arrangements for immigrants who want to be independent entrepreneurs. These immigrants can follow courses, get special financial arrangements and guidance.

With these measures Zwolle hopes to help decrease the percentage of unemployment people as much as possible.



3 thoughts on “Local authority helps inhabitants to go back to work

  1. As the Netherlands is quite a small country, we are not really informed about its economical situation and how it overwhelms the crisis.

    It is remarkable that the gap between the unemployment rate in the province of Groningen and this of Zeeland is so high. Are there any factors visible which are causing this gap?

    It is interesting what the local authority of Zwolle wants to do for its inhabitants, especially for the demographic groups which are mainly affected by the unemployment (Youth, Immigrants and Longterm unemployed).
    The problem could be that there is not a demand for labour, then it would not help to improve the positions of these demographic groups.
    From my point of view it is more important to concentrate on the side of the labour supply (for example by enhancing people to invest in their companies or by subsidizing entrepreneurs). Therefore I like the idea of offering immigrants possibilities to be independent entrepreneurs, because then they can hire other people. The same should be done for the other demographic groups.
    I have no idea if the demand for labour is high in this province, then it could make sense to help these vulnerable demographic groups in this way. However I imagine that in this province there is a quite high unemployment rate, which may be due to a lack of job offerings. Therefore it seems to be a nice idea of the local authority, but it wont help a lot to improve the situation.

  2. I think that all country have some regions which have a deeper crisis then average region in country. The same situation is in Slovenia. Slovenia is also small country and have a similar problems like Netherlands. I believe that economic recovery cannot be initiated without the involvement of European towns and regions. The local economy, environment and society is very important and the local authorities are very important for fast recovery. It is important that national governments to ensure that local and regional governments be involved as partners and be empowered – especially in their financial situation. Local government can give immediate help and they also have a wide range of services that can be more useful for business than national service. For example the Economic development departments in local government is always a good place to start when looking for advice and support especially for small business. In that way we can help for earlier ended crisis.


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