Mismatch between supply and demand of talent

The labour market in the Netherlands in 2012 will be a mismatch between supply and demand of talent. Not only the job seeker gets a hard time in 2012, but also the employer.
There is a growing need to flexibility and specialized talent is rare, but the amount of job seekers increases. This mismatch is the reason that the labour market will be more competitive.

Employers need to come up with ways to make sure that talented employees will stay at their position and don’t go to another company. At the same time job seekers have to be realistic and modest in their career planning right now.

Importance of a job
In a lot of branches jobs are hard to find. Right now there is an employer’s market. This means that the accent in Dutch households has changed from finding balance between job and private life to the importance of having a job and being able to keep it.
Because of the decrease of the amount of job seekers, the temporary jobs are increasing as well. With that job seekers are expected to be flexible and have mobility and the capacity to anticipate. Job seekers with good all round skills, like knowledge of several languages, will have a better chance of finding a job.

Rare talent
The labour market will have more problems with finding rare talent. These difficulties will especially be visible in jobs which require a higher education, like university degree.
The amount of job seekers with a lower education will rise. Because of this there is a danger that some vacant posts are being filled with job seekers that don’t have enough knowledge.
To find rare talent it is important to focus on character profile and not only on diploma’s. Competences are more important than skills. You already have competences and you can amplify them. Skills can be learned to employees, but this will take more time.

In short, there are a lot of job seekers but rare talent is difficult to find.
Most job seekers are lower educated. Some jobs require a high education and it’s not easy to find the right person for that position. The danger is that unqualified people fill up the vacant post, with all it’s consequences.
In order to find rare talent it’s more important to fucus on the caracter profile of a job seeker than on its diploma’s.

Source: http://www.managersonline.nl/nieuws/11774/arbeidsmarkt-2012-mismatch-tussen-vraag-en-aanbod-van-talent.html


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