The global labor market holds up relatively well.

The global labor market holds up relatively well. That is the conclusion of a report by recruiter Antal, showing that 55 percent of the companies at this time has run recruitment campaigns for executives and professionals. That means only a slight decrease compared to July last year, when 56 percent of respondents spoke of recruitment. During the next quarter would be 54 percent of companies wishing to recruit staff.

“The battle for executives and professionals is particularly intense around the world, regardless of the overall situation on the local labor market,” notes Tony Googdwin, chief executive of Antal, in front of the magazine Recruiter. “That is easily explained. There is always a shortage of skills that businesses need – such as efficient personnel management, communication, business acumen, entrepreneurship and innovation – in combination with specific technical expertise.”

The highest score is recorded in the Philippines, where 97 percent of companies said to be looking for staff, followed by Qatar (77 percent), Oman (74 percent) and China (72percent). In Western Europe, the first place is taken by Malta (53 percent), followed by Denmark (51 percent) and Luxembourg (50 percent). In Eastern Europe, the list is headed by Bulgaria (62 percent), followed by Russia (58 percent) and Poland (58percent).

In Egypt and Ghana says 55 percent of the companies to be looking for employees with specific skills. In the United States is a score of 48 per cent recorded.




2 thoughts on “The global labor market holds up relatively well.

  1. It is strange to hear that almost every second company in some countries will be or are looking for new staff, even it is some specific staff or just with a lower skills.

    And in another artical you can read that there is 24% of the inhabitans who don’t have a job and are still searching for some. That big concerns are firing their staff to survive the crisis and to produce effectively.

    My opinion is that, if you really want to work so you have to be a little bit more flexibly and you have to do your best and try also some kind of educations or retrainings. After this you should have a bigger chance to find a job that suits you and is not just a job in a need.


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