The Labour Market in Norway April 2012

The Labour Market in Norway April 2012

This is an update about how the labour market is in Norway as of April 2012.  

Slight increase in unemployment

In the end of April there were registered 66 800 unemployed at NAV (English; Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration). This is equivalent of 2, 6 per cent of the working force. Compared to last year month 5 200 (-7 %) fewer registered fully unemployed.  As of normal seasonal variations the unemployment went up by 200 persons in April, while the sum of unemployed and ordinary actions of participants increased by 500 people.

After a significant decline in January, the trend in the seasonally adjusted figures for the unemployed and for the sum of unemployed and ordinary actions of participants shifted from slight increase to slightly decline over the past three months. The total for the period from January to April, the number of unemployed and the total of unemployed and measures participants remained stable. This month, it’s noticed to have increased the supply of new job seekers; however the level remains at the same time last year. Adjusted for seasonal variations, the number of job announcements declined in the last three months, which may indicate that demand for labor is in the process of slowing down and that the weak international developments begin to be felt in Norway as well.

– This figure (1) shows the trend in the number of registered unemployed (blue), the sum of the ordinary actions of participants and unemployed (red)and unemployed according to Statistics sentralbyrås Labour Force Survey (AKU/LFS) (Green). Seasonally adjusted numbers. January 2001 – april 2012.




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