You are fired!!

Law on termination in the global world.
Some examples of releasing of an employee in different countries:
A job for your all the time of your life! The procedure by a judge between employee and employer is 2 years, that makes it hard to release someone. Also is there a condition that firing of an employee is only allowed when it is for economic reason. This has consequence for the small and middle companies. They are afraid to assume new employees because it is not flexible. Another result is that the companies can’t respond quickly on the international market. It defends the employee who has a job, but these conditions makes it harder for job seekers.
United states:
‘They fired me 4 times in the same company in 1 year’. They can fire people in the US on Monday and invite them again on Friday. In the United States are the conditions the opposite of the France. The companies give the employees ‘at will’ contracts. This is meaning that it’s easy for workers to switch from the job. But the real reason for businesses is that they are allowed to fire them for incompetence, to much absent, new direction of the management, merger and Shrinking because low results. This means not that they don’t have rights. When they fire you from your job because your religion, female/male or race they have the opportunity to get a high compensation. Released employees get the possibility to sign a paper that they will not start a lawsuit against the company in exchange they receive a higher severance pay. The managers and other higher operating functions receive more protection and have a better negotiating position
If the employee quit his job by his own decision, he also get payment of the government. The system of Denmark is build on two things : easy to fire employees from their job and with relatively high social security benefits. The employees don’t get protection of the government, the result of this decision is that the companies give new employees a lot of opportunities and they can respond on the international market. But the people work for example less years by the same company. Disadvantage is that you lose the knowledge inside your company


6 thoughts on “You are fired!!

  1. It is really interestring how the conditions are different between countries. I think it is also one of the things which cause crises especially in spain, where is really hard to be fired and the compeny have to pay a lot of money. As I heard on one session with José Manuel Bautista Vallejo.
    In Czech republic it is somewhere between it is not so hard to be fired and the care of goverment is also good just for first 2 monts and after 6months you don’t have any money. There are also other conditions to get these money but i think for general view it is enought.

  2. As the article say, when it is not so easy for the companies to fire their employees they do not employ new workers as easy as they would do when the working conditions are different. But should this really be the right way?
    In many cases the laws are improved for the companies and not for the employees. As it was mentioned the situation in the US is horrible, to be fired 4 times in the same company in 1 year.
    It is really a difficult topic not only in the times of the crises where the governments only want to decrease the unemployment rate. From my point of view governments should do more for the working people and not only for the companies to make even more gains.

  3. We can see that in each country there are advantages and disadvantages. In France it will be harder to get hired but more difficult to get fired while in the United States, it is easy to get hired but at the same time it will be easy to fire an employee too. So in the first example there is a guarantee at work and in the second example an easiness to find a job. Personally I think that companies should find an agreement with the government in order to create a system which will be advantageous for the employees and the firms.

  4. This is a very interesting post. Coming from the United States I cannot imagine quitting your job and still receiving compensation from the government. In the United States unemployment benefits are only given if you are fired from your job. In addition you are required to be looking for a job and have to show proof of this. The majority of the states have unemployment benefits for up to 7 or 8 months. There is a maximum number of times that one can apply within a certain time frame. I think it is very interesting looking at other culture’s views since they are very different.
    Personally, I do not believe that the United States has this down pat but I think there are some good qualities to this. In real life, no company is going to hire and fire you 4 times in the same year, that’s simply stupid. Most companies are not going to take you back if you are fired. I personally have never been fired but I have had to fire people before when I worked at Subway. Even Subway doesn’t hire anyone that they previously fired. Honestly, it can be a good thing that you can easily fire someone. There have been many people who did something or acting a certain way that is not best for your company. While I would love the encouragement of the job keeping me I enjoy knowing that if you are benefiting the firm you will stay. Employers are not going to fire someone who is doing a good job. I would never fire someone from benefiting the firm.
    Honestly in the United States firing and hiring people are both costly processes. A company is ideal if it can retain its employees for many reason. From my experience the Untied State’s system of employment is not a bad place to be hired. Although it may not offer many benefits if you chose to quit or if you do a bad job they keep the best in order for the firm to survive.

  5. It is interesting to see the difference of all these countries. It is always the challenge between job security and job creativity. The companies want to have good, flexible and motivated workers. The workers want a job, which fit to themselves and a security. The people want to plan their future life, this includes the wages. I found it terrified that you can get fired so easily in the US. I mean you live under permanent pressure. I would be worried all the time, I mean you not allowed to do a mistake. On the other side France is a bit too hard as well. In my opinion sometimes companies and workers have to go separate ways. And if the fire proceeded take so long it slow done the economy and as well the companies maybe hire fewer workers. In Germany it is more and more commend to hire a worker of a limit- contract of two years. In these two years you can get fired more easily. These contracts get especially the young people. So they are flexible, but they can´t have a security. But a bit safety is what a lot young women want for family planning. In this case a lot of well-educated young people decided to have no children or maybe later. And this is in my opinion a wrong development.


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