An overview of Bremen (Germany)

Bremen is a Hanseatic city in northwestern Germany, it is the second most populous city in the north and the tenth in whole Germany.

As of 2009, Bremen had a population of 547,700 of whom about 137,000 (~25%) were of non-German origin/ethnicity. More than 84000 of its residents are foreign nationals. The migrants resident in the city of Bremen originate mainly from Turkey, the former Yugoslavia, the former Soviet Union and Poland.

Economy of Bremen

The federal state of Bremen is experiencing economic difficulties. The economic situation is characterised by an exodus of population and businesses into the adjacent state of Lower Saxony, a persistent decline in the number of jobs and an extreme budgetary crisis.

The best-known firms in Bremen are :

Daimler (automotive engineering), Kelloggs Deutschland (food), HAG, Melitta,Eduscho,Tchibo (coffee),Hachez and Feodora (chocolate and patisserie),Beck & Co KG (beer brewery), Kraft Foods, Kraft Jacobs Suchard (coffee, belongs to Kraft Foods), Airbus Deutschland (aircraft construction), BLG Logistics Group (logistics), Arcelor Bremen GmbH (steelworks), Nordsee AG (fast food fish restaurants).


Labour Market

In March 2011, a total of 36322 persons in Bremen were registered unemployed, which is equivalent to a rate of 11.3%, the national unemployment rate being 6.6%. Although this represents a year-on-year decrease of 1805, or 4.7%, the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen has the second-highest unemployment rate of the German Länder (~Regions).

0,3% of the inhabitants are employed in the primary sector, 26,9% in the secundary sector and the remaining 72,9 % in the service sector.




2 thoughts on “An overview of Bremen (Germany)

  1. When I see the companies, which are located in Bremen it is kind of wired, that the economy is that bad. I know that Bremen has to suffer, but until now I had no idea of the companies. I see the problem in Bremen more in the infrastructure and the location. I mean the economic stronger states in Germany has a better location or infrastructure, like Hesse with Frankfurt and the international airport or Baden-Wurttemberg with the Rhine-Neckar Region or Stuttgart. I mean it is near the water, but the big harbor with the industry is in Hamburg and probably to close. The unemployment rate is terrified and when 73 percent working in service there is not much space left. It is just sad that there is no solution at that moment. Bremen needs an idea.


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