The labour market in Russia

Russia’s economic life takes place in two rival centers: Moscow, with 10.4 million inhabitants (unofficially 16 million) and St. Petersburg with 4.6 million inhabitants (6.5 million unofficially). About 80% of the population of Russia lifes in European part. 75.5 million of Russian are economically active population, of which women are about 49%. Unemployment reaches 6.8% (2012)

Russia’s largest employer in the private family sector (it employs 57% of the working population), and the second state (up to 32%!). In total, these “two employers” employing 90% of the economically active population.

Among the top management and top executives in government and provinces a much smaller proportion are women – just 39%. The same is among specialists and managers of technical specialties. The situation is radically different managerial positions requiring higher skills in other sectors (including education and health). In many enterprises, the position of highly skilled professionals and middle managers have dominated women. For example, retail chains, including merchant or senior managers of product groups is dominated by women.

A specific feature of Russian labor law, a document called a work book (“trudawaja kniga”). This document is certified, all your previous and current activities of the worker’s pay and periods of employment. Russia is a country which not only requires us to obtain a work permit, but even an entry – a visa.

Russian labor market is difficult and demanding. It is certain that a country of enormous potential. Present economic boom and very high fuel prices make that Moscow has become a major global financial centers. From zero are built factories and other production facilities.

It is hard for a better place to do profitable business. Turnover of many Western companies often grow by several hundred percent per year. By the way, so you can expect to make a brilliant career here. There is a lack of specialists working with finance, marketing, trade and IT technologies. Professionals need the big chain stores, mobile operators, developers, and many international companies operating in other industries. It’s harder to break into the industry’s energy resources. Gas and oil is the traditional domain of large, state-controlled companies, with its numerous staff. Russia is certainly a great stepping stone and a great school before the attack on an even more risky and prestigious markets.

It is certain also that Moscow has become one of the largest financial centers in which they want to do business corporations, banks and investors from all the world. It all makes the professionals open to attractive career opportunities. However, competition is high. The attractiveness of the market and high wages make it to Moscow and not only to attract specialists from Western Europe and the USA.


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