The opening of the German labour market to Polish

On the 1’st of May 2011 has opened the German labor market. Was estimated that the wave of emigration which moves from the Polish by the measles will exceed half a million people. Many local employers naively counted that Polish experts will come to Germany and will be working there for about half the rate lower than those enjoyed by native Germans. Only 41.5 thousand workers from 8 Eastern European from EU countries, including a 26.3 thousand people. Poles have come to Germany for five months after opening the labor market. Poles do not set off a wave of the western border, while German employers are still looking for professionals and highly skilled workforce.

                Many Polish  in Germany have legalizated their residence and employment after opening labor market. Polish are 65 percent of all workers who came to Germany from eight countries which joined the European Union in 2004. (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Slovenia). Statistics do not include the people who live on the Polish side, and only commute to work in Germany.

The first reason why there were so little interest in the Polish trip to Germany was influenced by the good economic situation of Polish and decreasing the differences in pay between the Polish and Germans.

Most Polish in choosing the country of employment is primarily guided by earnings. There’s no denying that the rates offered on the German labor market are much lower than those that can give our fellow countrymen such as Swiss employer. Polish specialists do not have to use the first offer of what happened to them arise. Having been a lot of experience gained in many European countries are waiting for comprehensive coverage, which will provide them not only well-paid jobs, but also flat near the place of employment. To this must be added the fact that it is still most German agencies and local employers are not prepared to accept the Polish workers and provide them with accommodation. Counting on the fact that a carpenter from Poland will come to Germany and look for housing alone, arranging all the formalities at the same time is very naive.

The German labor market experts, so little interest in work among the Polish in Germany due to the fact too late to open the labor market for Polish. Those who wanted to go for bread and they did manage to find a job in the UK and Ireland.

Hanczarek Thomas, president of Work Service, which has sent hundreds of workers to Germany since May , notes that the primary barrier is a barrier to information: – Many people do not know how and where to seek bids from the newly open labor market.

The largest increase in the number of workers from new EU countries was recorded in May in Bavaria (4,7 thous.), in North Rhine-Westphalia (4,5 thous.) and in Lower Saxony (3.6 thousand). Among the industries attractive are construction, catering and agriculture processing industry. Germany is still looking for more ways to attract employees. Their agencies offer in Poland for example free language courses.–niewielu-pracownikow-z-nowych-krajow-ue,17672,1


2 thoughts on “The opening of the German labour market to Polish

  1. The social and cultural plan office of the Netherlands made a report about the polish immigrants after opening of the borders of employees. On the moment there are average 150.000 polish people working. But a lot of them stay only for the season work in July, August and September. 40% percent of them did language course. But there is a difference between the polish people who leave after 4 months or want to stay for always. Almost every season worker has a job. But from the people who stay has 13% no job, that was on the time of the research the double of the autochthonous people.. For the reason that the employers prefere season workers. The social and cultural plan office expect that a lot of them will remigrate to poland because the economics in Poland are increasing.


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