Employment & Wages in Europe

This brilliantly done diagram makes for very interesting reading. Showing both the current unemployment rates across Europe but also the minimum wages and minimum wage change across many countries. In terms of employment rate, then Spain is definitely fairing the worst, with figures at 23.6 %, a massive 11% greater than the EU average. Also in troubling times as we know are Ireland, Greece and also Lithuania with rate around 15%.

Minimum wages show a different story however, with Ireland topping the charts. Perhaps in order to get that employment rate down, then minimum wage may need to be reduced, in the last 10 years it has risen 45% to what seems like an artificially and incorrect level. However that being said, the UK’s minimum wage has only risen 8% in the same amount of time, and their economy is not fairing that much better.


4 thoughts on “Employment & Wages in Europe

  1. Wow, quite interesting picture here! For me it’s a big surprise the numbers in Finland, Sweden or France. I wasn’t expecting this at all! Spain, Greece or Ireland are well known though. I like the graphs. It’s interesting to see the growing of minimum wages, I am quite impressed with the Lithuania, Estonia or even Slovakia. Those are huge jumps for people there. But on the other site these 3 countries are at the bottom of the second graph. Huge increase but still last place. I can’t imagine the numbers before increasing 🙂

  2. I love this graph. Very interesting. Very nice to see the comparisons for each country regarding the minimum wage differences. Very well done. I just wonder how all of this will play out for these countries in the following years

  3. Yes a very interesting graph, it really shoves how the comparison and the different development of both minimum wages and the unemployment between the different countries. In some cases the numbers are a bit more surprising then in others when it comes to the unemployment rate, but also the wages. It is really interesting to see the different in the wages and how much these have increased over the year. This should really reflect on the condition of the country and the hole economy. And as the comment before me says; how will this show in the future??


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