Labour market in the northern part of Norway

The northern part of Norway is characterized with long distances, and depopulation. Only 470 000 thousands inhabitants are living in the three northern counties. The three counties are: Nordland, Troms and Finnmark. The main sectors in the economic are industry, fishing and tourism.

The unemployment rate has decreased in Troms and Nordland since 2009. In April 2012,  2,8% of the labour force was unemployed in Nordland (this is above the national average of 2,6%). In Troms the unemployment rate was below the national level, and only 2,4 prosent were unemployed.  The sectors that were struggling most under the financial crisis are the ones who are experience the most increase of employees. The industry sector was hardly affected in 2008, and now this is one of the sector which are facing the biggest growth in employees.  Also construction and transportation sector are increasing their number of employees. However in Finnmark the rate has increased, and the level of unemployed are 3,2%. This is caused by businesses shouting down particularly in the service industry.

The labour market is predicted to have a bright future in the north of Norway, hence to findings of oil and gas in the area, and an increasing industry sector will make it possible  create new jobs in the future. Many working immigrates, and population growth in the area is also factors that will help the labour market.



4 thoughts on “Labour market in the northern part of Norway

  1. Good points, Tonje! Norway in general has a very low unemployment rate compared to the rest of EU (and the world perhaps!). In my findings about the county Buskerud the industry and the construction sector also had a rising in employees. I also predict a bright future in the north, mainly because of the oil and gas. I would love to see more tourism, more advertising to tourism tho because its so beautiful 😀

  2. I think this is kind of similar situation in the northern part of Lithuania. Because of the location, there are less people than in the capital and the south. It means there are more job places and less competition. I think there will be more employed rate in Northern part of Norway, as more immigrants are going there as it will be easier for them to look for a job. Since there are plenty of oil and gas resources in the part, the government’s role is considerably important in a way that how they invest money and time on the industry. They also have to help when people want to settle down there.

  3. I think that this is very good thing that there is a lots of jobs and the unemployment level is very low. Even if the northern part of Norway is sparsely populated, there is a huge opportunity in the future concerning the research and development of natural recourses. I also think that the industry will draw more immigrants there in the near future what will improve more the labour market in that area.


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