Riga – center of Latvian labour

Riga is the capital city of Latvia, there lives almost one third of Latvia’s population and therefore the economic activity is mostly concentrated in Riga and the area around Riga.

Riga is the educational centre of Latvia therefore to Riga comes people from other parts of Latvia to study there. Most of these students starts their first job experience right here and choose to continue their career development in this environment therefore labour market is supplied with competent and motivated specialists.

Riga region is represented by twice as many big enterprises (250 and more employees) than on average in Latvia, as well as it is larger than the ratio of medium size companies (50-249 employees) in other regions. That’s why the biggest number of workplaces is concentrated in Riga. And this is also the main reason a considerable proportion of the inhabitants of surrounding districts work in the capital city. At the end of 2011 the total amount of free vacancies in Latvia was 2844 of which 2086 were in Riga. In 2011, 293 300 residents were employed, in Riga were 58 500 job seekers or 16,6% of economically active population.

The largest number of people were employed in trade (22%), commercial services (14%), manufacturing (13%), and the transport and communication sector (10%). The majority of state administrative institutions are located in Riga, providing jobs for 7.2% of employees.

In comparison with other Latvian cities, in Riga employees receive the highest salaries.  In 2011 the average salary for employee who works in public sector in Latvia was 700 € but in Riga it was 826 €. But the average salary for employers who works in private sector in Latvia was 634 € but in Riga it was 714 €.






3 thoughts on “Riga – center of Latvian labour

  1. It is very interesting to hear that about one third of the total Latvian population actually lives in the country´s capital, Riga. It is quite usual that in the capital of a country most businesses and therefore jobs are located. However, with an percentage of more than 30% this could also be a probelm. The country might sooner or later experience the so called “Human capital flight”, more commonly referred to as “brain drain”* phenomenon on a local/national level. This means skilled and well educated people leave the villages and smaller towns in order to find a job in Riga. – As the job market there is the biggest and salaries payed are the highest in the country. This could turn into a problem for companies situated in less attractive regions as it will become more and more difficlut to fill there jobs and get good employees.
    *(see also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brain_drain)

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