Social Return project in Rotterdam.

There has got to be more than thousand inhabitants of Rotterdam who get a job or job experience. This with help of the program: Social Return.
This means that companies who take projects of the government, need to get a part of their employees from social assistance.
The government supports companies to invest in people that can not easily get a job in the labor market. Last year the program helped 467 inhabitants of Rotterdam from social assistance to a job.
The program has existed since 1996.
At the beginning, 5 percent of the contract price was meant for letting people of the target group work. Nowadays, it is between 5 and 50 percent. The companies tell the government at the beginning of the project how much of the contract price they are going to spend on the Social Return project.
Instead of provide jobs to the people from the target group, they also can chose to provide them education.
Last Thursday have been started 170 people from social assistance with a new project. At least 60 of this people will end this project by getting a job.
There is some discussion about the Social Return project. This about the fact that some companies only care about the 5 percent of the money they need to spend on the project. They forget to provide individual attention to the labors of the project. Which is the mean point the let the project work. Rotterdam has learned from this. The program is going to be more flexible, the main point is going to be the individual attention and not the minimum of 5 percent.



2 thoughts on “Social Return project in Rotterdam.

  1. I think this Social Return program is a very good opportunity for many people to get a job easier. It integrates all people who have problems in finding an appropriate job and gives them so a new opportunity to enter the job market and to not feel excluded from society. On the other hand its really sad to see how calculating some companies are, that they even do care about the (only) 5 percent which they had to invest in this project! It seems that they don’t recognize the main idea and sense of this Social Return program, which is really bad. Then it becomes obvious that its always about the money…the only thing which seems to count. Especially for the people who are integrated in this project this superficial behavior means that they don’t get the appropriate attention they should be given. And this project can only be successful and providing a lot of people good jobs, if the companies change their attitudes!


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