Social Unrest in the UK

The measures taken by the UK government to rescue the country from recession are not working and causing social unrest according to the International Labour Organisation.

They have warned that scenes like last year’s riots in London and elsewhere could be repeated soon. Youths feeling isolated from society, with little or no opportunities for work took to the streets in August and showed their discontent by looting and causing as much disruption to normal life as possible.  One third of British people unemployed have been so for 12 months or more with long term unemployment at its highest rate for 16 years. This stagnant economy can and will cause ‘huge social and economic costs’, the International Labour Organisation have said. They have mentioned that the UK is one of 5 countries facing significant problems from its people being disillusioned by the country’s austerity measures, the others being Denmark, Ireland, Spain and America.

“When people are out of work for more than a year they become demoralised, lose self-esteem and drop out of the labour market. These are individual effects but at some point it leads to anger with everything and with authority. This is very worrying.” Exclaimed Raymond Torres, who compiled the report.

He proclaimed that the fact that the United Kingdom has returned to recession, that the government’s cuts were simply not working. “There was a belief that austerity would reassure the markets, which would lead to jobs and recovery. But this is not the case and confidence has not recovered.”

The organisation has said that Britain should be fully prepared for the possibility of similar scenes to last year’s riots this summer, and with the added problem of the occupy movement, who have used social media fantastically to orchestrate their protests, the coalition government faces an extremely difficult summer.


4 thoughts on “Social Unrest in the UK

  1. Last year’s riots in London were all over in the news, not only in the United Kingdom but also on television abroad. The scenes they showed looked very frightening and violent. Big groups of hooded young people throwing stones, destroying local shops and burning down entire homes. Everybody was asking, why would someone do such horrible things? Social unrest is the answer. Those young people where demoralised and frustrated about being unemployed for a long time and not even getting the chance to start a working life and earn money.
    The government has taken several actions to change the situation; however, as the country still is in / returned to recession those steps seem not to have been working. It will be a tough challenge for the U.K. to eliminate the causes for social unrest. But actions have to be taken soon, as otherwise new riots could start again.

  2. Once again it becomes clear how many countries are affected by the latest topic in nowadays: UNEMPLOYMENT!
    And once again government is trying to ameliorate/abolish certain social and economic problems, but unfortunately with the result of many discontent and angry people….who then show their anger and disappointment in demonstrations.
    Especially youth is again hard hit by these job crises and consequently rebel against authorities, of course. This “unemployment-topic” is something which is spreading all over the world and is affecting more and more countries… not only the UK. We can only hope that there will be somehow solutions for this global problem. This is definitely one of the hardest challenge for the countries governments.

  3. Nowadays it seems like heaven for the governments when the national unemployment rate is at a manageable level, but as we know the most countries are not facing with that kind of lucky.
    The violent demonstrations which took place the last year in the UK are still in our heads, because the cruel pictures went all over the world. It was a really frightening situation and from my point of view before this time most people have not noticed anything about the dramatic situation in the UK.
    To my mind it was also the point when a lot of people from the other countries of the EU started to think about what it really needs to get down to such a horrible situation. Because in the first time you only think that in my country the people won´t go to the street and demonstrate like it was shown on TV, but later you come to the conclusion when people are frustrated and see no way out of this situation then they will fight for advertence like the people in the UK did.
    That´s why it is not easy at the moment for the governments and it is really a pity that the government of the UK tried to take actions but they took no effect. From my point of view the government of the UK needs to find at least a short action that takes effect to show the people that there is a way out of this hopeless situation and that the government really tries to solve the problem.


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