Something about one of more important region in Poland

Mazowieckie province – Polish unit of administrative division, the largest region in terms of area and population, situated in the central-eastern part of Poland. The seat of the province is Warsaw, the Polish capital. The level of urbanization of the region is high (64.6%), which puts the Mazowieckie in 5th place in the country.

Mazowieckie is distinguished by a higher than average for the Polish labor force participation rate of at in the fourth quarter of 2010 was 58.5% and the employment rate – 54.3%. Average monthly wages capita province. Mazowieckie in the first quarter of 2011 amounted to 4567.43 zł, which have the first place for all provinces. (1 PLN – 4.18 €). At the end of January 2012 the number of registered unemployed persons was 261.8 thousand population, the unemployment rate of 10.4% for the active population. Mazowieckie province has the highest among all Polish provinces per capita income, which is 89% of median income in the European Union.

The largest city in region is Warsaw (1 million 717 thousand people), which brings together nearly 33% of the total population of the province. It is the most important center of science, culture, business and politics. Together with the surrounding urban areas form the Warsaw agglomeration, grouping a fundamental part of social and economic potential of the province and country.

Mazowsze is the most economically developed region in Polish, is dominated by the service sector (commerce, telecommunications, financial services, insurance). They operate almost all industries (except mining, shipbuilding and coke). Great importance in the region is agri-food industry and the petrochemical industry, which dominates in the subregion of Plock. In addition to industry and services, agriculture plays an important role, mainly horticulture and arboriculture – concentrated in the areas of: Grójecki-Warka, Sochaczew and Płońsk. Region is the largest exporter and importer in the country. Exports include: machinery and equipment, electrical equipment and electrical engineering, transport equipment, metals and metal products. In imports, dominated by good supplies.

Mazowieckie showed the highest activity in the country to foreign investors. At the headquarters of his company to 37.5% of Polish foreign investors interested in (25.6 thousand. Companies) chose Mazowieckie.

The major employers Mazowieckie for years are those same large companies: in the banking industry – PKO BP SA, Bank Pekao SA, Poland, in the insurance industry – PZU Capital Group, the telecommunications industry – Polish Telecom, Polkomtel S A.; PTK Centertel Sp. of o.o., Poland PTC Sp. z oo, in the energy sector – Polish Energy Group SA, PGNiG SA, Polish Oil Concern Orlen SA.

PKN Orlen (czwarty w indeksie) z siedzibą w Płocku, the largest Polish fuel concern. In Warsaw and Siedlce works Polimex-Mostostal (also in the index WIG 20). Kross company headquartered in Przasnysz.

Of the 101.7 thousand jobs submitted to the district and municipal employment offices in 2010, most were sent to: personal services workers and vendors (20.5% of all jobs reported in 2010), unskilled workers (19.6%) of office workers (16.7%), industrial workers and artisans (15.1%) and technicians and associate professionals (13.8%).

In 2011 – the county and municipal employment offices reported the most job offers facilities included in the section: public administration and national security, compulsory social security, wholesale and retail trade, repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles, manufacturing, services business administration and support service activities and construction.


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