Spain has more unemployed people than nearly all the inhabitants in Norway! Spain Introduces more cuts!

Semester fee increases at universities and an end to free medication for pensioners is just some of the cuts when the Spanish government introduces new measures to reduce the budget deficit.

The proposal to cut 7 billion euros in the health budget will be a red rag to many since Rajoy promised in the campaign to defend pensioners’ purchasing power. With the new plan, however, pensioners rely on to pay a deductible of 10 percent for part of their medicines.

Today, no one pays for doctor visits, while all except pensioners must pay a deductible for drugs, which is now increased from 40 to 60 percent.

According to government estimates represent pensioners’ share of three quarters of the 11 billion euro drugs cost the country

The tuition fee increases

The government will save an additional 3 billion on education budget. It shall do this by approving the increase in class size and raise school fees by 50 percent.

The budget deficit in Spain last year came up in 8.5 percent of GDP, but the government must reduce this to 5.3 percent next year to fulfill the agreement with the EU.

So far announced savings of 27.3 billion euros, which is achieved through cuts and tax increases.

The unemployment in Spain

The number of unemployed people in Spain in about 4,42 million and rising. That’s close to the 5 million inhabitants Norway has! Crazy!!

Young people are affected: In Spain, particularly young people affected by the bad times. The Spanish system provides unemployed people entitled to social benefits after you have lost you job, however it might be too little for a family!

Gets 400 Euros a month:

Mariano Rajoy enhanced the giving on Friday and is now 400 euros a month to those who have been unemployed for over two years.

I think it’s getting really scary for Spain! Over 200 families are thrown on the streets every day; unemployment among young people is around 40 %. There is a desperate situation of young people in Spain, but also countries like Italy, Greece and Portugal- who also are a concrete result of the debt crisis that’s raging in Europe.  




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