Stable employment in Buskerud (a County in Norway)

(This is updated as of the end of April 2012)

In Buskerud there are now 3 567 registered unemployed persons and that is a decline of 6 % compared with April last year. 2.6 % of the labor force is unemployed in Buskerud.

The decline in unemployment in the construction industry continues. There are now 427available in the industry, and compared with April 2011, unemployment decreased by 175 persons. There is a decline of 29 %. In addition, in April there were announced 56 new jobs in construction. Taking this to consideration there are now 446 registered unemployed in the industry, which is a decrease of 24 persons compared to the same month last year. It has been a positive development in these industries.

Decrease in all age groups
there has been a decline in all age groups, and the group 50-59 years have the largest percentage decline by 11 %. Then follows the age groups 19 years and under and 40-49 years, both with a decrease of 8 %. The Number of long-term unemployed people is now 889, and there is an increase of 51 from the previous year (6 percent).

Key facts in Buskerud (April)
There are 3,567 registered unemployed in Buskerud. This represents 2.6 percent of the labor force and 6 percent fewer than in April last year (219 people). There was a decline of men at 9 per cent, while for women, a decline of 2 percent. Number of ordinary labor amounted to 890 persons. There are 100 fewer than at the same time last year. NAV Buskerud registered 818 new vacancies in April. Number of unemployed in the age group 16-24 years is 621.  





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