Blog #5 Redo of Region

Addie Acuff

Labor Economics

May 2, 2012

The United States is such a broad country that each region has their own variations when it comes to the labor market. While some regions are struggling others have made significant improvements recently. One region that has succeeded has been the Midwest. For myself this part of the United States is very important. While I no longer live in the Midwest my hometown is Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin which is in the heart of the Midwest. I have watched from Arkansas in the past 4 years the amount of people who have moved from places such as Illinois due to high costs of living and no employment increase.  I have listened to friends discuss how hard the recession hit them. Many of my friends in the Midwest have been struggling to find jobs.

Luckily things seem to be finally improving for these areas. The article listed below discusses how 9 states are improving in the Midwest. The article also states that agriculture and manufacturing has helped bring back the economies of these states. While Wisconsin is not on the list of improving states many of the states nearby are on the list. Even Arkansas made the list.

Since 2008 I have lived in Arkansas and really haven’t noticed a bad economy. The local area that I am living in has been progressing and rapidly expanding. For example the town that I live in has had around 7 restaurants open and some stores have also opened in the town. In 2012 there will be more restaurants opening. The town has been doing so well because the university has been adding more students each semester. In addition the university is using a globalization strategy and has brought in many international students in recent years. These students have added to the economy substantial amounts of money.

Arkansas has done surprisingly well in the past couple of years. In fact this year the state will have revenue higher than expected. Another article that I found online features this very same topic. I personally have met Governor Mike Beebe and he has really pushed for Arkansas to have a strong economy.  If Arkansas is any hope for the United States then there is hope for the country after all. Accessed on May 2 2012 Accessed on May 2 2012, Published on: May2, 2012



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