Few tips for job hunting

When searching for work Be active: call into businesses that are currentlylooking for people, go to classes and learn languages. And inquire aboutcompanies that interest you.

1.Activity is appreciated, write and where looking for anyone now
Send your CV and where there is currently no position. Who does not knowabout you, does not offer you work. That are interested, please contact the HRmany positive points. Koucky Lenka Cerna from the portal mujkouc.czrecommended activity and determination: “The opportunities are plenty, justnotice them and not be afraid to speak and ask. Also visit the practice in addition to various courses in your CV may look attractive. Try to convince thecompany that you have clear about your profession and are not going to goaway again quickly. ”
2.Certificates help, demonstrate your language skills
Employers will appreciate your knowledge when submitting evidence the certificates, which you reputable schools and independent institutionsacknowledge that some skill, such as foreign language, to manage that level.
The certificate is internationally recognized measure of your knowledge – such as grade C2 tells employers that you speak the language fluently and are able to execute more complex conversation topics. Certificates granted byauthorized organizations, such as the French Institute, British Council, but also some licensed school.
3.Edit resume by company, inquire about her
Do not send a generic resume for all jobs that interest you. It seems then thatthe place does not appeal the actual interest. Biography always adjust so thatthere were only the information that employers are interested in and attach thecover letter that your interest in the position warrants. Inquire about the company, where would you like to go for an interview, it pays to knowsomething about them more.

4.Create your video card, charisma impress
In today’s multimedia potential employer’s time you take a novel calledvideovizitkou. If you do not make it yourself, you need to help a staffing agency. “It helps candidates from among the graduates in particular, uniqueness anddistinction from the crowd of other students. Business card than a structured CV giving space to explain what the student is preoccupied with the issue andwhere it is going,” says Kintera David, owner of the agency ProfiCV. With acalling card for your employer suddenly live person who can take even hischarisma, not just a sheet of paper full of data.
5.Create your own website
If you are behind a creative activity, it should be obvious that the resultsdemonstrate on the Internet. When should you offer any services, establish your own website. Provide enough information to potential employers, it also actsseriously and professionally.


6 thoughts on “Few tips for job hunting

  1. I think that this subject is really interesting, not only for the reason that I will be in need for job hunting tips when I get back from this Erasmus in Spain, but also becaus I think that almost everyone can improve there job searching skills. The times are changing and it is not the easiest thing to get a job and not even to get a interview anymore.
    I think the tree first points of this blog are things that most people know about, but never the less very important things to take in account when looking for a job. But the 4th and the 5th points are really more modern and innovating things to improve in the search for a job. To create a video CV or a own webpage just to promote yourself and your skills. I think these are things that can be different useful to different positions and jobs off course but still very good and fun advice. And a also think that companies appreciate these kinds of different and innovative ways to make yourself known to them.

  2. I found this article very interesting since I have my last year left from the upcoming semester. I don’t have that work experience compared to others. I think these strategies are the most basic and important one. As there are much competition in labour market, unique public relation (PR) about themselves is considerably important. I think these are all about uniqueness of ourselves. Personally, (though it was not about job), when I applied for the university, i had to submit motivation letter, some language certificates, and also my grades. Through this process, I got to know more about myself. These tips are not only good for job hunting but also it’s a good opportunity to think more about ourselves.

  3. An expert of job applications told me that it’s on the moment all about networking. It’s also the first question in a company when they need a new employee. “Do you know some qualified worker i can trust’? Networking is also possible with Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. Linkedin is specially for presenting yourself and show your CV. Take care about what you say on the internet. And know what your strong points are and what you can improve.

  4. I also think that this topic is quite interesting, especially in the future. When you are looking for a job , additional qualifications get more and more important. For example for a lot of companies a study or practical year abroad is obligatory. This leads to the growing importance of language skills while applying for a job. Furthermore the importance of certificates grows, because these document show exactly which additional skills you have learned.
    All in all I think, that in the future this part will play a bigger role , while applying for a job.

  5. This article is very useful. I think that every person should read and remember this information. Because the first impression is the most important. This how we will present ourselves in CV next to hundreds of other candidates will decide if the employer chooses us. Nowadays, most of the people are studying. Therefore it is very important to have various types of courses, skills, knowledge of languages, something that distinguish us from others. We have to prove that we really want to work in the company. Therefore, we must remember that the fact that we are graduated does not mean anything and does not open the door to a career.


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