It’s time to choose your part-time job for this summer

To be an waitress in an English pub, pick strawberries in Denmark, making the lifeguard in the U.S.. Offer seasonal work abroad has been discussed, but you can still fail to find an interesting place. In the U.S. it´s possible to be a lifeguard.Michael student work abroad were attracted. She wanted to gain experience, meet new people and improve the English. The British working servers to find contacts to dozens of farmers and those written by e-mail with requests for seasonal work. Can be useful Search of seasonal work: Denmark France Germany Austria / ams Great Britain Spain Netherlands EU Originally wanted to find application in some hotel, but because it could go up in June, interesting menu has gone. “She said to me a lot of farmers. In selecting the best offer I have helped social networks and web addresses farms. Those on the quality of much help. So we decided with my friend for two that we liked most, and off we went. With little pocket money in money, “says college student with a focus on tourism. When arriving at the place, were pleasantly surprised. The owner of the farm is housed in a clean caravan, which was even wi-fi connection. Every day, gathered berries, sometimes 14 days in a row. Weekly to Misha earned around 250 pounds, paid for accommodation and my friend £ 35 a week. “The price we have yet to pick a department store. But such conditions do not find everywhere, it is important to choose carefully,” says a young girl on his more than two-month work placement remembers love. International experience in the resume well exclude I really did not unpleasant experience? The chats on seasonal work is that negative experiences abound. “The UK is in season employs many people from Eastern countries, who must have special permission to work and stand behind the agency. This work has given the lack of priority. Couple of times this happened to us, that Eastern Europe and the Czechs had worked off accidentally,” remembers girl. This year will remain at home for the summer. She has found is a constant work in their field. “I was impressed that the recruiters and the international experience,” says Michael. Her words confirmed by Martin Květoňová of Student Agency, which provides seasonal work. “Experience from abroad in CV nicely exempt. Interest holidays abroad every year to grow slightly.” Although seasonal work or au-pair stays a good start already look in January, some vacancies are to be found even now. “We offer programs in Spain, Italy and Portugal, focusing on the practice of tourism, au-pair stays in France and Italy. You can also go to New Zealand and Canada, where a suitable position looking after your arrival with the help of partner agencies. It is thus possible to combine travel with work, “says Martin Květoňová. Alone, or with an agency? If you are not comfortable in their own way, it helps to address the Agency. Help with a number of formalities. When you select a certified course. The market also operates a number of fraudulent companies that promise “the moon”, a place to meet with clients or just a refusal to work for three days. For an employment agency can not charge anything. However, for additional services (transportation, insurance), yes. “It is also important to verify whether the license. Help with the website of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Another source of information is the internet. Just enter the name of the agency to search and read the experiences of other discussions,” says Miroslav Chytil, manager of the European Employment Services Office CR work. The network of EURES advisers provide information and counseling services free to all job seekers and employers throughout Europe. “Working in recruitment of hotels and campsites in Italy, Spain or Cyprus organized by interest from foreign employers. Other planned events and information about working in Europe to search for,” he caught. If you find a decent job agency, a trip abroad easier. Jet on your own is recommended mainly for those who know a great language and know the local environment. The interview at the agency is not difficult. “At a meeting with the client choose the best stay and register the program. Usually we see a biography and sometimes references from previous jobs, in the case of au-pair for example child care,” explains Martin Květoňová. Then waiting for placement. Before leaving, everyone gets full information, you must do. “We arrange for insurance, transportation and material for a visa prior contact your local sponsor of the program and on our 24-hour help line,” says Martin Květoňová. The pool in the United States, Canada, in the cafeteria Similarly, looking admission to summer jobs in the Czech-US companies with which they travel candidate and the ocean. “The biggest demand is for lifeguard positions in the U.S. and to work in hospitality and sales. Offer summer jobs are now limited, but we can still provide a pool lifeguard job in Washington. You can also go to Canada and work there in kafeteriích in Vancouver or Toronto but it is necessary to allow for a longer stay – at least so for four months. This is because that the investment return, “says CEO Henry Josífek. In America, earning six thousand dollars for the summer, the cost is about 4500 dollars. In Europe, the Czech-us still vacancies in the hospitality industry in London, ideal departure date is 15 June. Those skilled in Spanish, may go into the Montroig as service restaurants. A german-maids will find more space and support staff in the kitchens in Germany and Austria. International Brigades most frequently used college students. Or the unemployed who have experience abroad want to add biography. “The programs in the U.S. are for students nestudenti heading to Canada, where he works do not require student status. And Europe gathered together all the work without any problems,” says Henry Josífek and warns: “To quickly find a job in a foreign language requires knowledge, flexibility , independence, openness and positive attitude. Initial investments can be in thousands and tens of thousands of crowns at the selected location. But the right choice to return the money and earn more.: Before you go on a journey without agency Denmark He drives there in the brigade in agriculture (harvest strawberries, peas, corn, onions and apples). Before you go on a journey, complete the online form to Danish do not know, just in English communication level. Most offers are from May to August. The hourly wage is between six and 15 euros. Spain Temporary work can be found in agriculture and hotel services. Sufficient knowledge of English, but if you speak Spanish, you will have the advantage of a better offer. After arriving in the country is necessary to deal with the employment office or the police identification number for foreigners, the so-called N and within 30 days of arrival, you must apply for a residence permit the immigration police in the province. The minimum wage is 640 euros per month. Germany It offers work in agriculture, catering, and hotel. Without knowledge of German at least communicative level is indispensable. Seasonal work is taken as minijob about 400 euros per month (not the social, health insurance only) or at least six per hour. Austria Shops for employment in agriculture, tourism and catering cottages, but only if you know how German. The employer must give you a business card, which confirms the terms and conditions. Complication is that within three days of arrival must report to the municipal office address. Monthly earn roughly one thousand euros. Great Britain It is possible to find work in agriculture, hospitality, catering, services. Partial knowledge of English is essential. Your employer must provide written confirmation of employment. Rewards should not fall below five pounds per hour (workers 18 to 20 years) and under £ 6.08 per hour (temporary workers over 21 years). Italy It is used in agriculture and hotel services, but you must have a basic knowledge of Italian. The employer must submit a signed statement to you for labor and wage conditions. Salary is approximately one thousand euros per month.



7 thoughts on “It’s time to choose your part-time job for this summer

  1. I think summer jobs are a great way to boost the economy of many countries. For example, a place like Spain thrives off of tourism. Tourism offers many jobs for the people of Spain. Many jobs in hotels, restaurants and other businesses depend on the season. Another industry is the food production. What a great way to bring in new jobs to Spain and other areas.

  2. Summer is the best time for students to work and gain work experience. During holidays a lot of companies offer various interships and even full-part jobs for young people. They don’t have to go to another country to work but this is very good possibility to improve personal and language skills. Moreover employers prefer people who has experience in different country. As a student I prefer go to intership and earn less money even in my country than work as waitress in some country.

  3. In my oppinion it should be obligatory that students have to work during summer break. Advantages are that they gain experience and earn money. For example during summer season in Austria there are many waiters missed. So if it would be obligatory that every student has to work for one month during summer there wouldn´t be a lack of missing workers.

  4. Very nice and useful sum up. Thank you, I am sure this can help many people just to get a basic view of summer jobs and maybe help making decision in which country they would like to work. I also agree with that it is easier with agency but, on the other way you have to pay for it.

    Don’t think that people will get many experiences from it because most they choose some other brange then they study.

  5. to jesisek: I totally agree with you.Some agencies are not so serious and you have to pay them a lot of many to find you some job,but on the other hand,when you want to work abroad and you dont have any friends in there you could have big problem to find job on your own..I think,it is good to check more agencies and find some good and not so expensive one.And i also think that it should be good to work or have job in brange as you study for,cause you can have more experiences and employeers used to prefer people whose have some kind of experiences and also you have more possibilities for future..:-)

  6. But,also many people( from my country-Slovakia) want to work abroad near to see and they dont care if they will wash dishes or be waitress they just want to travel..this is other side of summer part time jobs..


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