Japan’s National Economy

Japan is the 4th largest economy behind the EU, US, and China. Part of Japans labour force comes from South Asian provinces. After the tsunami though, many of these migrant workers are being laid off in large quantities. Japan also affects the United State due to the fact that they hold the largest portion of US treasury bills  of any country. Japan is also advanced in technical fields. Japan is home to companies like Nokia, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, and Seiko. Their economy is in a recession after apparently recovering from the previous world economic downturn only to be crushed by a national disaster. With so many advanced fields of business, and a large customer base in the United States, it is no strech of the imagination to assume that Japan’s economy will return to full force.


7 thoughts on “Japan’s National Economy

  1. Japan´s economy has been hit hard during the last months and years. First it had to suffer from the world-wide economic downturn as all the other countries around the world then it was struck by one of the biggest nuclear catastrophes since Tschernobyl. Not only that a huge area of the country has been radioactively contaminated also the tsunami itself caused big destruction.
    Many companies had to stop producing for a certain time or had to shut down the entire plants as the destruction caused was enormous. Even without a preceding world-wide economic crises this is a quite a tough situation for a country to deal with. Especially now, as the global crisis has still not been solved it will be even more difficult for Japan to recover. Sure it has a lot of high- specialized companies as mentioned in the post above, but it will take a lot of effort to bring the country back on track.

  2. Japan has had some difficult times, but its economy is still vitally important to many American businesses. Our exports to Japan totaled $60 billion 2010, and so far year 2011 they are running 10 percent higher, despite the problems caused by the earthquake and tsunami. Japan’s economic growth took a dive because of the natural disasters, but 2012 will clearly be a bounce-back year, fueled by rebuilding as well as the general economic strength of the areas not directly affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

  3. Undeniable that Japanese economy is one of the largest in the world, but the earthquake and tsunami caused the economy swinging. And I think that Japanese economy will not stabilize so quickly. In the last three months of the 2011, Japanese economy contracted more than expected, because increased the value of the yen and the floods in Thailand have a negative impact on businesses. Compared with the previous quarter the economy shrunk by 0.6%. This situation makes Japanese goods more expensive to foreign buyers and reduces exporter’s profits. Although exporters have a losses, export will be the main driver of growth in Japan.

  4. Japan will recover from this natural disaster due to advancsed technology in business and production as they are ahead of the competition in this field.

  5. Indeed, the times are really bad for them right now, I’m afraid. Furthermore it should be mentioned that the situation highlights of older persons in the labor market in Japan from several directions, and offered an overview of the various problem areas were and were considered in connection possible measures and approaches, it is concluded yet, to make possible informed prediction of how develop the situation in the near future.
    The problem will definitely stay to employ older people, even in the long run very topical, because the demographic trends are changing even only very slowly. Similarly, the reduction of the workforce will not be prevented, and in this area the Japanese government will start massively by promoting the employment of women. But relaxing the rules for labor immigration, and an opening of the Japanese labor market for foreigners seems to be a possible solution.

  6. First, it was very sad what happened in Japan with the tsunami and so many people losing family..etc. Now, the Japanees are a very culturally aware, they have good awareness and I think in 2012 they will recover and gain strength again for sure!!

    Japan has indeed a demographic issue, which is the aging population, this means less wealth accumulation and fewer people entering the workplace. I really hope that this does not result in some kind of severeign debt default.
    It can be repaired thou, with more debt and interest payments. But it will end up with a lower standard of living.


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