Jonesboro, AR Economy

The unemployment rate in Jonesboro, AR is 7%. Jonesboro has ~70,000 inhabitants and is situated in the Northeast corner of Arkansas. It is a typical college town with 14,000 students and many businesses catering to that demographic.  Business like Wings-to-Go and Uppercrust Pizza are local college hangouts. Even though the economic downturn has hit the economy, the unemployment rate  has only risen by 2-3%.  The full statistics are attached below. Gas is around $3.4 a gallon and almost everyone drives cars. There is little to no public transportation. College football is a big activity for the town and the football stadium is pictured below. It is technically a “dry” county which means the Jonesboro and the towns located inside Craighead County are not allowed to sell alcohol. There are many ways around this though as all nice restaurants have a license to sell alcohol and it is only a 15 minute drive to the nearest liquor store.   


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