Local perspective of TURKEY

Turks do not generally have a very strong sense of space and the space between two people will vary, the furthest distance being the length of one’s outstretched arm with tips of the fingers touching the other person’s shoulder.

Regular eye contact, not necessarily sustained, is used in judging whether a person can be trusted. Although constant eye contact is not necessary, people will be suspicious of a person who refuses to or is reluctant to make eye contact.

It is customary to shake hands with both men and women when greeting the person. In some cases, men and women will give each other a kiss on each cheek. While talking, men and women could frequently touch each other, for emphasis. This rule is different if the woman in question is obviously highly religious, i.e. wears a head covering and is fully covered from head to toe. In this case there will be no cross-gender handshaking, unless initiated by the woman; just a polite tip of the head will suffice.

Friends are more likely to touch each other and throw their arms around each other as a regular impulse.

A neutral facial expression with an active (i.e. varying) tone of voice, rather than monotone is always appreciated until the relationship has matured.

The rudest hand gesture is the thumb through the index and middle fingers, and should always be avoided.


3 thoughts on “Local perspective of TURKEY

  1. I feel that the cultural difference could be sometimes really dangerous. It is better to know the basic rules and how are things going in Turkey before visiting.
    I am really interested in this culture and hope once I will take a closer look at it and spend some time there.
    Is it really so strick for women, that they have to be covered all the day? And what in night is it the same or how does it work?

  2. This is interesting for people to know. When you go to Turkey for a holiday, but even more when you want to make a business deal with a Turkish company or when you are trying to get a job in Turkey. And this not only counts for Turkey but for all the people who want to got to a foreign country for business or a job. When you know the basic rules, can it be the difference between being succesfull or not.


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