Positive regional exeption on the labor market

The conditions on the labour market in the Netherlands are very tight. Companies have to make a big effort to recruit personnel. However, the West Brabant region is in a positive exception!

The working population in Brabant of over 270,000 people is relatively young and well-trained. This is an excellent labour market for companies. In addition there is also a very large labour potential with an approximately total of 60,000 people. This labour potential includes 25,000 residents of West Brabant who work in the southern Randstad and not in the city it self. Many of these people would prefer a job near the place where they live. This is consequently a labour reservoir of which new companies can take advantage. Furthermore, the participation rate of women on the labour market is relatively low, but increasingly more women are opting to go to work.

Recent experiences at call-centres such as Ben and ABN-Amro, and ICT companies such as Brunel IT indicate that recruiting suitable personnel is no problem in West Brabant.

Another positive point of this region is the relatively favourable labour costs. The costs for the commercial services sector are for example 7% lower when compared with the national average.

Companies who are looking for possibilities of locating in the West Brabant region are interested in the labour market.




2 thoughts on “Positive regional exeption on the labor market

  1. It is nice to see that these regions exist and companies should use the chance and produce there. Of course the infrastructure is important and should be in place, but this is not a big problem in the Netherlands. I mean what a good opportunity to go in a region with a lot young well-trained people. You always have to see the demographical chance, like the society is getting older. So to go in such a region is a good as a future investigation. As well it the live quality is important and if the persons want to live there and don´t have to move or they don´t have long distances to work, they feel good, which has a good affect for work and working climate.


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