Frankfurt Rhine-Main

Frankfurt is in the heart of Europe and one of the most important European metropolitan areas in Germany. Thru the location of the region in Europe it has a very good infrastructure like the international airport, which is good for companies and population. As well the attractive of this area is the high economic potential. The economy in this metropolitan area is focused internationally. It has high industry diversity with a lot of high technology companies, Universities and research institutes.

The region Rhine-Main includes Aschaffenburg, Darmstadt, Frankfurt on the Main, Fulda, Gießen-Friedberg, Hanau-Gelnhausen-Schlüchtern, Limburg, Rheinhessen, Offenbach on the Main and Wiesbaden. By an area of 14.755 square kilometers are over 5.5 million people located. This gives a density of 375 inhabitants per square kilometers. In the metropolitan area with the seven main cities live 1.537 inhabitants per square kilometers.

The region has with 179 million gross values added 8.4 percent of the German economy. In the sector service it is 9.1 percent. And this gets generate in an area of 4.1 percent of Germany and 6.8 percent of the population.

In the Rhine-main region are two million persons with work. In the tertiary sector (trade, hotels and restaurants, transport, storage and communication andother services) works in the area 1.5 million persons. This corresponds toa share of over75 percentof allemployees.

Sozialversicherungspflichtig Beschäftigte


Wirtschaftsbereich                         30.06.2007     30.06.2008     30.06.2009* 30.06.2010

Verarbeitendes Gewerbe                             385.954     387.57     3 356.006 346.747

Dienstleistungen für Unternehmen               350.498     371.291     314.598    331.004

Handel                                                     295.346     298.474    301.961    297.671

Verkehr und Telekom                                 160.560     164.973     233.591     231.631

Kredit + Versicherungen                              135.475     134.075    138.823    137.223

Baugewerbe                                              91.256      91.189     95.782     96.671

Gastgewerbe                                            58.116      59.036     62.234      62.747

Bergbau, Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft       18.038      20.971     29.633     30.260

Land- und Forstwirtschaft, Fischerei            13.890     14.129      7.387       7.771

Öffentl. Verwaltung, sonst.                         461.152     463.504     465.719    479.404

öffentl. u. persönl. Dienstleistungen

Sonstige                                                   –               –              2.767       2.100

Beschäftigte insgesamt                            1.970.285  2.005.215                 2.008.501  2.023.229


2011 wasa good yearfor companiesin the MetropolitanRegionFrankfurtRhineMain.Sales haverisen thisyear,the order booksare full,and employmentis rising. But the crisis in Europe and the uncertain outlook for the global economy dim the prospects for growth in 2012. Nevertheless it is still expected, that there are additional jobs emerge in the region. It is currentlyexpectinganeconomygrowthof 3percentin2011 andaround 1.1percentin 2012. According to the calculations therewill be in 2011about 2.5percent orabout 50,000new jobscreated. In the coming year the expectations are not as good as before, but still around 1 percent or 20.000 new jobs created. So in the End of 2012 will be more than2.1 million people employed in this region. This is the highest employment level in 20 years.

The forecast is under subject.


3 thoughts on “Frankfurt Rhine-Main

  1. I think Frankfurt is in great shape to make a recovery based on the facts like location and highly industrialized areas like the air port which are timeless streams of revenue. The creation of jobs will be great for the economy.

  2. I think the airport is very important for Frankfurt, it’s very helpfull for the labour market because it creates a high employment rate. When the airport is doing well it even has the potential to grow and the potential employment can increase more. But I think there are also secondairy effects because of the air port. More people are coming to the city and maybe they would also like to visit the city it self. This is important for Frankfurt to react on because more people to the city means more potential buyers. More potential buyers can lead to more employment. For example in the branche of hotels, restaurants, communication and ofcourse the holiday branche.


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