Immigration to Germany in 2011

In the last year in Germany the number of people with a foreign nationality has risen up to a level to 6.93 million people in the End of 2011. This is the strongest increase since the last fifteen years according to the statistic office of Germany.That is about 180.000 immigrants more than the year before.

The biggest amount of the people comes from European Union countries, just one-eighth ofimmigrations coming from non-European states. Especially the number of immigrant from the middle- and east-European states has risen. The reason for this change is the open and unlimited labour market in Germany. Since the first of May 2011 the citizens of eight countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary) form the East are allow to work in Germany, for them the borders are open. With the EU enlargement in 2004 there was the opportunity for the fifteen old European states to open their market or wait seven years longer. Great Britain, Ireland and Sweden open the labour market directly. The other states wait longer. Germany and Austria took the whole period until the end. They were afraid of wage dumping.

For Romania and Bulgaria the borders are still not open. They join the European Union not in 2004 instead in 2007. So the seven year period to open the labour market ends in 2013. Germany can open their market earlier if they want to. But they are again afraid of workers, who would work for less money than the German workers would do.

The discussion by this topic is about, when is the right moment to open the labour market. On one side Germany needs more labourer especially qualified one, but as well for example in the nursing and care service. On the other hand if a lot worker comes, they maybe take the jobs from a German person. A few politicians have the opinion it is good to open the labour market that late, so Germany can build up same structure to prevent wage-dumping. Other politicians were more for the option to open the labour market earlier, which is now too late. But in their few the good and willing workers already left for example to Sweden, a state which open directly the labour market and welcome them.

In the last year the amount of the Turkish citizens in Germany continue to decline. It was around 22.000 numbers of people less in contrast to the year before.

As well the economy crises don´t stop for migration. In consequent people from the countries, which the crises hit hard, come to Germany. So round 17.000 people from Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain immigrate the last year.

From non-EU countries were a relative small number of immigrants. The growth of just 0.5 percent is mainly due to people from the USA, Croatia, Afghanistan and China.


4 thoughts on “Immigration to Germany in 2011

  1. The German economy is booming business at the moment. Because of that, a lot of people from other countries where is an economic crisis, come to Germany. They think they get a chance to have a job and a good life, but the more people come to Germany, the less work there is for the Germans. So i think it’s good for Germany to close some borders for people who only come to find a job. People who wants to come to Germany cause they have political issues in their own country are in my opinion allowed, beause they dont have a life in their own country because of a war or something like that.

  2. I agree with lisettekosters first argument, but I have a different opinion regarding the “border-closing” issue. Closing the border for foreign job hunters means also closing the border for foreign talented job applicants. This implies missing a lot of chances for the German labour market. Germanys problem is not only the lack of positions, but also the existence of unoccupied positions, because of the skilled worker shortage. Therefore Germany should welcome those workers. Under a social perspective absorbing refugees is justifiable, but under an economic perspective it is highly questionable, because often the German labour market suffers a loss than benefiting from them.

  3. As we all know Germany has become a country of immigration. More and more people from other EU countries with high professional qualifications are looking for a job in this country. In 2012, to Germany arrived the largest number of immigrants in the last 20 years. Immigrants come there, mostly by the crisis and rising unemployment in their countries. I know a lot of people from Spain, Poland etc. who left or are planning to go there to work. Because they know that in Germany they have not only a bigger possibilities to find a job, but also higher wages and better working conditions.


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