Is the Croatian labour force ready for European Union?

Recently there was a big questionnaire about what does Croatian labour force expect upon entering European Union. 86 percent of them believe that European Union will greatly enhance their working conditions and working opportunities. But the interesting fact is that 51 percent of them answered that they are scared of cheaper labour force and more qualified workforce coming in our country due to a fact that Croatia is becoming a member of EU and having a Schengen treaty. 49 percent also believe that Croatia’s school system is not preparing our young workforce for European work requirements and needed professions and 21 percent believe that our workforce is not concurrent on the European labour market. As a result of these beliefs more than half of respondents (56 %) supported the ban on employment of workers from countries that will introduce a ban on employment of Croatian workers. The prohibition of employment of workers from countries outside the EU is 32 percent of respondents, while 24 percent of the prohibition of employment of workers from all EU countries.  Entering EU is a very delicate subject currently in Croatia. As there was a big number of people who didn’t want to enter EU and gave a strong resistance. I partially agree that Croatia should introduce some protective regulations but not get in the way of the market itself. Moreover, I think that entering EU is going to greatly stimulate our economy and open a lot of job positions to about 300.000 people who are currently actively searching for a job in Croatia. Also force the people to prequalify or enhance their skills by taking on higher education or attending additional seminars and schools in their field of work.


2 thoughts on “Is the Croatian labour force ready for European Union?

  1. I think that Croatian labour force is definietly ready for EU. We have big number of highly educated young people that are looking for a job. But I am not really sure how our economy is going to benefit from entering European Union. Problem is that our government sees it as the only solution to overcome the crisis. But question is what is going to happen in future if all qualified young people leave country to work abroad. It is a tragedy that Croatian labour force is scared of cheaper labour fource coming in our country because they are actually cheap labour force compering our salaries with salaries in coutries that are members of EU. I am not for prohibition of employment of workers from other countries, but there should be a certain standards and a limited number of such workers.

  2. In my opinion countries of european union have enough labor force. if the most important problem is less worker, why unemployment is rising with each passing day? there are huge number of students and workers in the countries of European union who well educated. If unemployment rate declines, if needed workforce employees in other countries, then it makes sense to take advantage of. Otherwise, the prolem will grow with each passing day.


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