The migration of the Hungarian students

Nowdays one of the most important problem of Hungary is the braindrain of the graduated students. Almost every second student (18-29 ) is planning to work abroad for longer or shorter period or to settle down.In every year around 27-30 thousands of people are going to foreign countries to work but this is only an estimation because it is impossible to define the number.

Why do they want to leave?

The first reason is that in Hungary the average wages are very low and the unemployment rate is raising and the government hasn’t found the solution to this problem. Furthermore the really well paid jobs are often filled with the actual parties interests,and also there are restrictions,the taxes are increasing while the payments are decreasing. In addition Hungary has a very bad future view,and this is a reason too why the students want to emigrate and also they are afraid about their pension because Hungarian pension system is declining.

These were the internal reasons the external reason is the crisis,since 2008 approximately 200 thousands of jobs were eliminated furthermore who has already lost his/her job and can’t find a new one for a longer period the will also go abroad in hope of a better living.Nowdays an other problem hit up its head,the youth not only wants to work abroad also wants to study abroad.

The government reaction

The Hungarian government introduced new regulations for students.The aim of these are to force the students to learn and work in Hungary.The law which made the biggest prostest sais that whose study was financed by the state has to work in Hungary at least 3 years or the semesters which the state financed in the next 20 years.Although the government reduced radically the number of financed places in terciary education.

The students reaction

The students were protesting against the regulations,but the government introduced theme.Now a lot of students are planning to learn abroad,because they don’t want to work in Hungary or they don’t want to pay for the education and aks for a bank loan.

All in all the Hungarian labour force is changing.Who has an opportunity to work or study abroad leaves.This has a negative effect because a lot of talented people emigrates so the quality of labour market will decrease.Finally the governmet should support the education system because it is the base of a strong country.

Written by : Zsolt Farkas, Helena Wenzelová, Veronika Müllerová, Matej Vician,


18 thoughts on “The migration of the Hungarian students

  1. In my view the education reform of the nationalist government of Viktor Orbán misdirect the target completly.
    The Elite from Hungarian will move abroad and that is exactly the opposite way around. Understandable, lawyers, doctors and other highly trained professionals must stay ten or twelve years in their home country and work, until they can go abroad in other countries.
    For Hungarian people between 18 and 24 years it is very difficult to find a job like in the south europe today. The International Labour Organization of the UN (ILO) reports that a growing number of despairing young people is searching a secure job. The education reform only boost this problem more and more.

  2. I agree with your opinion and I can say that the situation in Slovak Republic is very similar. Nowadays more Slovak students want to study and work abroad. ( the most common countries are Czech republic, Austria, Denmark…) The Goverment of our countries should support students to study and work in homecountry not to accept pointless reforms that force students to move abroad. If they do not support young students to study in their homecountry, in few years we will not have working force in our countries.

  3. I think that the law-changes by the government are the wrong way to keep the students/graduates in the country. Because nowadays the people want to live independent and want to be able to choose on their own in which country/city they want to live. Moreover, I think that the law-changes have the converse effect as intended by the government. The number of young people who leave the country to study abroad will probably increase and maybe they will never come back. At the end, this will effect the whole economy of Hungary in future. Especially regarding the demographical changes and the resulting necessity of young educated people.

  4. I think that the migration of students is not only the problem of Hungary but also a problem of other undeveloped European countries. I am from Croatia and like in Hungary this is very big problem. Young people after finishing college can not find job or they find a job with low wages. So most of us think what is the point of learning so hard for so many years if you won’t have appropriate job with appropriate salary. I find this law that those whose study was financed by the state has to work in Hungary at least 3 years or the semesters which the state financed in the next 20 years is good because government has to do something to keep their young labour force in the country. Even though the situation in country is bad and students are moving because of t, it would be even worse if all young people migrated and leave even worse situation for next generations.

  5. Actually many countries have the same problem – that young, qualified people are leaving home country to earn better money that home country offers. This situation of course affects ” home” country because young workforce flows to the to other lands – result: LOW competitiveness and decreasing qualification in general. In my opinion, if Hungary wants to save positive number of young and strong potential workforce – firstly, the government should increase the number of financed places in (terciary) education, secondly government shouldn”t work only of their interests but pay more attention to young people who can bring lighter future in general to economic situation in country and thirdly, they should to achieve balance between increasing taxes and decreasing payments.

  6. Also in Italy we have this big and serious problem. People decide to go abroad for study and this becouse in Italy there isn’t job also for people that don’t study (also find a work in a bar is difficoult). So people that have possibility and money for studing abroad, like in Germany or in Swiss, leave Italy and go to study there. Here when they finish studies, they will find a job for which they studied ( this should be a normal thing in all the States).
    Italian’s Governament instead of help students, every year cut money for culture and the same time increases taxes. The result is that not all people can live and study in Italy, for this reasons are forced to go in another country.
    I hope that this situation will be resolved and that all States cooperate for improve the conditions of Europe. First the political force must be more united and mustn’t think only to their own interests, but ensure a future to all young people.

  7. I agree with agitasrkn that nowadays every country has a similar problem. Few job offers, low wages make that more and more people are choosing to go abroad to study or to work. Of course, this is a very serious problem, because the country loses qualified young people. However, it is not surprising. Now everyone wants to ensure a better future. Therefore, if the government does not change something, this problem will get worse, leading to an aging population, small pensions, etc.

  8. It’s a really difficult situation. For both, the government and the population, especially the young people. They want to plan their career with the best opportunities. And these are probably not inside the country. From this point of view their behaviour its replicable. But the government has also serious problems. Wthout the regulation the people will leave, and with – under certain conditions they’ll leave too. Maybe they’ve to set an interesting incentive, but as already mentioned it’s a difficult task for the government.

  9. In my opinion this is a very strange approach of the government to solve this problem. If you study at state expense in Hungary you have to work in Hungary. It’s quite clear that in the current work situation no one wants to commit oneself. That the opposite occurs was to be expected.

  10. I think that the measures of the government are counterproductive. It would be better if they would offer the hungarian students an incentive to study, work and live in Hungary. But with the introduced regulations the government scares off the students, because they want to determine on their own, where to work and where to make career.
    I think the main problem is, that the hungarian economy and enterprises are not competetive and innovative enough in the Eurozone. If they were more innovative and competetive, there would be higher demand for these goods. Consequently they could produce and sell more high quality goods. As a result the whole economy would be more stable and there would be better job opportunities for students. The enterprises could pay better wages and would have incentives for students to stay in their own country.

  11. I think that the Hungarian government as a provider of founds for higher education can expect that people who were beneficiaries of this founds can give something in return, even idea of ​​compulsory work three years after graduation seems to be good idea. However should not mean to stay in the country for three years as an unemployed graduated. Government introducing such regulations should create a young people the opportunity to work and find a way to that they wanted to stay at home and do not feel forced.

  12. I really don`t understand this government decision. What if those students are not able to find job in Hungary. There are similar problems for students in Croatia. University degree nowadays isn`t guarantee that you will find job. And currently most students are thinking about leaving Croatia and work abroad. I am not really happy about such pesimistic atmosphere. My opinion is that leaving Croatia is not the best solution, and if many young people decide to make that move there will be significant consequences for Croatian labour market in future. Educational institutions should encourage creativity and entrepreneurial spirit in young people. Government should provide soft loans and incentives for young entrepreneurs so that they would be able to open new jobs and to prevent braindrain.

  13. I think that migration of the students in countries like Hungary is not only about wages and education system but also the social care system of the country. Governmental support to students or education institutes are not enough when these young people start to worry about their future life and family.

  14. Nowadays, more and more people go to other countries to look for work. It is more popular among young people, who after graduation have problems with finding a job. It is easier for young people to emigrate because most do not have families or children are not afraid of
    challenges, looking for his place in the world. However, this is a big problem for the
    government because the young and educated people leave the country. They are the ones which should be based the future of the country. So it’s a big problem with which the
    government must deal with.

  15. Turkey also has the same immigration problem.Before, most of brain drain was made to Germany.Because lots of Turkish people live there for this reason Germany was appealing to them.Recently brain drain decreases because the economy of Turkey is getting better.

  16. Do not leave to work abroad only students, but also people who are already working. The Czech Republic is leaving many doctors especially. Until the land (the government) does not weigh their students and work people. People will go to foreign countries and seek better working and living conditions ..

  17. I find this topic very interesting because of the similarities with Croatian labour situation. Brain drain is a very serious form of emigration and it’s an issue with which every country should learn to deal with for the sake of its own future. Losing young talented people to western countries has become a bit of a cliche for this part of Europe and moving should probably come as a last resort, but when you have already tried everything and government is not doing much to protect its citizens’ best interests, the life standard still declining in your home country, then this seems like the only logical decision.

    They say “desperate times call for desperate measures” but I was quite surprised when this idea of restricting the emigration of students came to my knowledge. In 21st century and a in most cases democratic world this didn’t seem very likely to take place anywhere and let alone my neighbouring country, so it’s quite logical for young ambitious minds not wanting to be commited and “build a fence” out of Hungarian borders.

  18. From my point of view, the policy of the government to get rid of the economic crisis less damage, is the way to workaround and it is very difficult to be successful in the long run. Generation of a country to save the swamp is today’s students so the government should make the most investment to their students and pension reforms and salaries to be improved. In short, students should not go to other countries for they are forced to. They should go because they want to. Such as; travlling, holiday.


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