Lower Silesia in Poland- best chance for employment?

Lower Silesia in Poland- best chance for employment among other regions?


Lower Silesia, next to Mazowsze and Greater Poland, atrract the majority of foreign investments.The number of newly established enterprises with foreign capital is growing faster here than in other parts of the country. This facilitates the transfer of the latest technologies, create new jobs, increase exports and competition. Since 2005 Wrocław Agglomeration Development Agency has been working effectively. Its main purpose is to help foreign investors to develop interest in Lower Silesia.

ARAW the main advantages of the region considered:

  • good location – not far from us is to Warsaw, Prague and Berlin;

  • strong staff educated at prestigious universities in Wroclaw;
  • quality of life;
  • support provided to investors by the local government.

    Quite innovative and interesting idea is the programme called Populus. This programme was created by young mathematicians under the guidance of prof. Alexander Verona from the center Stochastic Methods. H. Steinhaus, Wroclaw University of Technology. The main purpose of it is to predict, how polish future Lower Silesia labour market will look like. It’s a kind of “crib” not only for investors but also universities that can adapt their educational programme to meet the future demand for certain professions.

    The structure of unemployment

    In Lower Silesia, most retailers are unemployed. At the same time it is addressed to them, most job offers. Characteristic of this professional group is the frequent change of employment. The impetus for this may be any potential increase. In addition, most of the registered unemployed is:

    The percentage of unemployment among people with higher education is 6.2 percent. The hardest to find a job political scientists – one offer falls 128 registered unemployed. At the opposite extreme are the IT programmers – although one in ten computer systems engineer has trouble finding a job.

    The professions of the future

    We can specify certain tendencies, which will govern the labor market during next three years. According to the “Forecasting the labor market and skills needs” edited by Teresa Kupczyk most jobs will be for:
    team building,
    painters of buildings,
    construction workers finishing works
    production line operators,
    caregivers for children and the elderly,

    This trend is a result of the announced development of the IT industry and research laboratories. New companies investing in Lower Silesia will need office personnel, thanks to construction boom occuring ahead of Euro 2012 employment will find architects and builders. Demand for bodyguards will increse because of growing insecurity. An aging population will increase the number of vacancies for carers of older people.

    What is important for recruitment

    As people involved in selection of employers admit, the importance attached to formal education of candidates for specific positions is decreasing. More important is the experience, personal features and so called soft skills. The most desirable features are, therefore, good communication skilld, openness to change, ease of finding themselves in different situations, independence, creativity and willingness to learn. Employers also value the knowledge of foreign languages​​, especially English, German and French, but more often the Dutch, Japanese, Italian, Korean and Swedish. A valuable skill is knowledge how to apply effictively for EU funds . A popular way to recruit, especially in managerial positions, is so called the assessment center,which checks abilities to manage a team.

    As for us- young people who are getting closer to career related choices,there is great importance in observing the economic situation of our area of living.As we will be up to date with all predicted investments, new companies creation and expanding we will be more successful in concluding the skills we should improve or gain in order to be more likely employed in years to come.






/By Alicja Łoś, Emilia Janaszkiwicz/


3 thoughts on “Lower Silesia in Poland- best chance for employment?

  1. Wroclaw is my home town where I live and study. For several years I’ve noticed that thanks to managing the city a very fast paced to develop. Every year there are more and more foreign investors, thanks to which they create new work place. Wroclaw also struggles with the global financial crisis and unemployment however nowadays every city has to struggle with this.
    Wroclaw University of Technology in second place in the ranking of the best universities in Poland, which gives hope that the graduates have a chance to find well-paid jobs in the short term. 🙂

  2. In my opinion, selecting the next steps in education we should take into account statistics and information that will help us to choose a future profession. Lower Silesia in recent years has expanded and began to pay more attention to this , to create more opportunities for the people who live there. New job and new investments definitely will help to avoid the crisis there.

  3. It is great to see that in this time of such big unemployment there is a place with a lot of potential to grow. I like this program Populus. It is a great thing that they are already predicting the most wanted job for the future. This will especially help younger people to choose their study, and others to upgrade their knowledge in order to be more competitive on the labour market


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