Mobbing at workplace

Mobbing is an important issue in the labour market. It has become more and more important for the last 10 years. Mobbing effects people more than all other things (much more than having an accidents). As the pressure to perform and competition within the company increases more and more mobbing is a daily phenomen all over the world. For example, in Germany there are about 1.5 Million people who suffer under mobbing every day. Mobbing means that employees are victimized by other employees (mostly a group of collegues ) and finally, this leads to the exclusion of the employee itself. The employee doesn’t want to go to work which has also a negative effect for the company because each day that an employee is not at work costs the company money ( in Germany: between 103 € until 400€). Moreover, the effectivness of productivity is also influenced by mobbing. Moreover, a staticstic shows that the the most important reasion for changing a company would be mobbing. (see here) Besides that, the effect for people itself can be horrible. For example there are the psycological effects: depressions, loss of concentration and nightmares. Some victims of mobbing also think about commiting suicide. Also it has effects on the family of the victim because many victim stop talking and meeting with friends. They are more and more isolated. On the other hand, mobbing has also physical effetcs for example: headaches, gastro-intestinal diseases or cardiovascular disease.


Big entrepreneur misplaced the headquarter

One of the biggest insurance company is the Gothaer. Annually this company earns about 4 Milliarden Euro and has about 3.5 Million people insured. This company was found in Gotha (east Germany) and after the second world war the headquarter moved to Göttingen, my hometown, in the centre of Germany. For Göttingen and as well for the whole region the company is / was a really important employee as they employed about 1.200. In the 90s Gothaer start to establish a new location in Cologne where at first some branches of the insurance were moved. Finally, in 2006 the Gothaer management team informed that they will close Göttingen and move the location to Cologne as well.

Right now in Göttingen there are only 750 employees left and each month there are less and less. The company offer to give some people the chance to work in cologne as well. If somebody doesn’t want to move to Cologne he’s unemployed. I can immagine that for each person who has his family and friends there it must be a really hard decision.

So, what do you think? Will you go to another city to work there? What you will do with your family?

Source (I’m sorry, it’s only available in German language )

Demonstrations of workers

I’ve just read the post about strikes for food etc.  In Germany we have a lot of people who really like to go on demonstrations – people of the labour union. For example, in the last year, I guess you all remember, there were nearly no trains running anymore in Germany because the train drivers strike to get more money. Over half a year nobody would know exactly if your train came or not. This was really hard for those employees who shuttle everyday. Moreover, the companies had some problems because if there was no train the employee was too late at work. Finally, in January both agreed on a consens (see here).

Just two weeks ago the post start to strike for more money as well. The consequence of that was that in my cities people didn’t get their mails for about one week (see here). This is not as bad as for a usual people but the problem can arise for example if a company sents our an invoice and needs the money as soon as possible but the debitor doesn’t received the invoice then the company can get in trouble. The other way around it’s also possible that the debtor gets in trouble because the paying back period is over and thus the debtor cannot order new products.

What do you think is this the right way to get more money if other people suffer from this as well?

The power of brands in the global market

Global market

This funny comic picture shows the power of brands on the global market and their try to be the market leader of the world. The five world best brands are: Coca Cola (Nr.1), Microsoft, IBM, General Electric and Intel (see here). Therefore, the company’s revenue as well as the brand’s strengths are taken into account. With the help of the globalisation, it is very easy for the world brands to expand their products all over the world.

As the brands expand more and more and overtake companies smaller unknown companies cannot survive on the market. Moreover, due to the power of the brand it doesn’t matter which price they want for their products because there are the market leader and nearly everyone will buy it.

In my opinion it is impossible to stop these companies of becoming more and more popular and powerful. Moreover, the many big companies produce for many no brand companies for example in the food industry. That’s why, it doesn’t matter which product you buy. Nevertheless, you buy a brand product and thus to support the brand to become more and more powerful.

Education in future?

Education in future

In fact this picture is from 1998 but I’m of the opinion that it still shows what some/many students want.

However, I think if something like that became true then the education would suffer. Moreover, skilled people would decrease. This would have a bad effect on the labour market as the labour market needs skilled people to develop.

Working conditions in America and in Thailand

Nowadays there are still differences between working conditions in America and Thailand. In America the working conditions are more justiced for the people because of regulations concerning health, working hours and wages. In contrast in Thailand there are regulations but nearly nobody keep to them. As it is shown in the statistics the people working over 50 hours there are about 16.517 in Thailand. In America there are about 14085. Moreover, as shown on the pictures you can see that in Thailand more younger people work. Mostly, they work in one big room without any air conditioning, heating, food/drinks or opportunities for washing. These result in problems of health. Comparing to America most people work under more healthier conditions due to the regulations as well as the people work more in the third and fourth sector.



By Inga and Verena