What will the employee of tomorrow look like?

Did you ever think about what the employee of the future is going to be like? How will look the situation on labour market for example in the year 2028? There will be lots of changes in various aspects of the work, what will have a great impact on the future workers. There will be a change in the dominant business ideology from an American/European one to an Eastern/Asian one as we can see also nowadays the importance of China or India in the global economies. Do you think the main language of our children in schools will be chinese?

Another dramatic change we can await is likely to be in the age profile of the workforce… More people aged 65 years and over is expected to stay in work and to be economically active and the new age for retirement is likely to be about age 75.

The major role (even more important than the salary ) will play things like family-friendly policies or good social responsibility record. If you might think that the employees in 20 years will spend his day sitting at his desk from nine to five, you are not right. Progress in technology will enable to make the work more effective and there will be more opportunities to become remote worker and have your workplace at home. The situation for women, migrants and minorities is also likely to be better… You can read more here.