Slovakia will join euro

Maybe this article is more about politics, but i want to post it here as in Slovakia everything is revolving about adopting euro in 2009. There are lot of discussions about it and the public opinions differ widely. But the point is that European leaders made their historic decision and Slovakia has been given the green light to become the 16th EU member of the eurozone. This will be another historic landmark in our history after joining the European Union in 2004 and entering the Schengen zone in 2007. Slovakia is now the first of the Visegrad Four countries to pass this last important step on the way to full EU membership. Prime Minister Robert Fico stressed that he sees the EC’s approval as an expression of trust in his government. However, European Commision warns against future risks. The final decision on Slovakia’s adoption of the euro will be made in July. Slovakia needs to keep inflation under control and maintain its competitiveness. The EC recommends a stricter fiscal policy as a remedy to inflation risks. The threat of increased inflation is also due to energy prices, as recent global energy-price increases haven’t yet been reflected fully in consumer prices. Brussels has also drawn attention to Slovakia’s 10-percent unemployment rate – the highest in the EU, with as many as 76 percent of those without jobs being long-term unemployed, unqualified, and thus ill-equipped to find work. The commissioner encouraged other EU member countries on the road to the joint currency to pursue and intensify their efforts as “it is clearly in their long term interest.” The convergence report also assessed the progress that Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Sweden have made towards the euro.

 I wonder in what extent the euro will influence the standard of life of the people in aour country. Maybe you could write what kind of experience you had with adopting euro (if it was not  long time ago and you still can remember those times when you paid with another currecy than euro…) or if your country still does not use euro, are the people ther willing to change the old currency for euro…?