Europe in year 2015

Europe in year 2015

We found this “map” by accident but it come to our attention. We find it interesting because, in our opinion, shows some real and actual European issues. When we were looking on the map we noticed some interesting conclusions, for example where Netherlands should be, there is now Euro-Indonesia. Why we mentioned Netherlands? In recent past there was a lot written about Dutch politician Geert Wilders who made a movie Fitna. Movie provoked many reactions; some of them were in favour of the movie and some against, of course. Anyhow the Dutch court decided that the movie Fitna can be shown, you can see it here.

Geert Wilders, as we wrote, provoked many reactions, however we think that wasn’t his only intention. With publishing the movie he also gain a lot of political points, hence votes. That is not that infrequent thing in Europe in recent years, that is to use extreme views on immigration conditions in certain country and with this gain political points. You can read more here.

We are aware that this map was made with a good measure of humour, but still it shows what people are thinking about economic and other immigrations and how immigrations affects peoples’ perception of image of Europe in next decade.

Jure & Marta