Impressive economical influence of the monopole of Bayern Munich

Its indisputable that in Bavaria the prosperous enterprise of the famous football club FC Bayern Munich has many scores of incomes, which is significant for the economical situation at all. In the fiscal year to date 2006 / 07 the FC Bayern Munich has reached an exchange of  €225.800.000 which constitutes an increase of 10,3 % in comparison to the last season. The success of the financial-management is amazing and is a prototyp for germany´s economy. This monopole position of this company is very well versed in coping with branding, costumer focus, solid keep housing  and leadershipping.

Moreover big supportings and professional interaction in stocktrading boost the good image of this bis enterprise. Most important are the many fan-memberships including high receipts of money for the company and the success for the future. There are estimated 10,5 million fans which leads to a high self-confidence and quickens the company with new inventions for example the new “Allianz-arena” (click here)

But is there still a relation to a faithfully keep housing in comparison to all the other small businesses. Lining in one´s own pocket will still increase without being saturated.

The question is now if the people around, especially in Bavaria,think about these exceptional ideals which is for them still sympatical and honest or a pure cash-cow despite off efforting the economy of the country.

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