The power of brands in the global market

Global market

This funny comic picture shows the power of brands on the global market and their try to be the market leader of the world. The five world best brands are: Coca Cola (Nr.1), Microsoft, IBM, General Electric and Intel (see here). Therefore, the company’s revenue as well as the brand’s strengths are taken into account. With the help of the globalisation, it is very easy for the world brands to expand their products all over the world.

As the brands expand more and more and overtake companies smaller unknown companies cannot survive on the market. Moreover, due to the power of the brand it doesn’t matter which price they want for their products because there are the market leader and nearly everyone will buy it.

In my opinion it is impossible to stop these companies of becoming more and more popular and powerful. Moreover, the many big companies produce for many no brand companies for example in the food industry. That’s why, it doesn’t matter which product you buy. Nevertheless, you buy a brand product and thus to support the brand to become more and more powerful.