The “Blue Card”

As everybody knows, there are several countries like USA and Canada where you need some kind of documentation for a legal stay and work such as national Green Card programs. Some of these programs were introduced also in single countries of the European Union.

In the recent past there have been many thoughts about starting a program as USA has, the Green Card, also for the whole European Union. In January 2005 the originator of the idea, the EU commissioner for justice Franco Fratini, called the idea a “Blue Card” after the color in the European flag. This program called by the formal name of “Attractive conditions for the admission and residence of highly qualified immigrants” Memo/07/423, is a scheme to attract highly skilled workers and talented immigrants to the European Union.

The reason why some politicians came out with an idea like this is because Europe is suffering from aging of its population and also wants the EU economy to be more competitive and knowledge-driven. So far the Blue Card is just a proposal, and not a working program.

If u would like to know more about this scheme click here and also you can read some news about this topic here.


Blue Card

– Does not give permanent residency

– Valid up to two years, renewable

– Allows holders and families to live, work and travel in EU

– Applicant must have one-year EU job contract with salary of three times minimum wage

– Permanent residency automatic after five years

Green Card

– Gives holder permanent residency

– Valid for 10 years, renewable

– Allows holder to live, work and travel in the US

– Five channels to seek a card: employment, family links, a lottery, investment, or resident since before 1972

– Holders can become US citizens after five years