Will striking make any changes?

Events in last years especially this year when prices of  wheat, corn, etc. went through the roof, price of oil in every stock exchange breaks records and, inflation and many other things have made living of workers from middle and lower class a living hell. All this factors have impelled to go on streets and strike.

Major strikes have happened through whole Europe, from new member states of EU, like Slovenia, to old members, like France, etc. Conditions in which we are living this time almost forced people to demonstrate against them, to take some kind of action, not just in Europe, through hole world.

As I wrote Slovenia is not immune to this situation. And response to that there were demonstrations against government policy, because wages are falling behind raise of prices, life is getting to expensive for majority, and many other reasons. It was one of he biggest demonstrations we had since our independence and in my opinion this shows the real meaning of the sitation.

I’m sure that your country is also a part of this global problem, and perhaps you would like to tell more about situation in which we are now and propositions what is to be done to make things better. Of course I would like to know how is government dealing with this in your countries and how people feel this changes.