Roma population as another aspect of the Slovak economy

Slovakia belongs among countries with the highest share of the Roma population in Europe.
The Roma are not living in an integrated territory but are rather scattered within the entire territory of Slovakia. However, there are big differences in their number and concentration in particular regions of the Slovak Republic.
The oldest information on the number of Roma in Slovakia originating from the census as of the end of 18th century speaks about 20 thousand Roma. At the 1991 census the inhabitants of Slovakia had a possibility for the first time after 60 years to declare the Roma nationality. Only less than 76 thousand people used this possibility. The reasons why Roma do not declare the Roma nationality are several– from the insufficiently developed ethnic awareness which often appears as an effort to dissociate from the Roma ethnic group, up to the fear from the persecution and discrimination.
Presently, there are 380 000 Romas living in the territory of Slovakia and The Projection of Roma Population in Slovakia until 2025 was made.

Mainly the geographic location of the Slovak Republic being the centre of Europe and the historical development linked to significant mobility of population are signed under the heterogeneous ethnic composition of population.

In order to extend and speed up the social inclusion of the Roma population including improvement of their social status The National Action Plan of the Slovak Republic Regarding the Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005 – 2015 was adopted. It focuses on four priority areas: education, employment, health, housing and on three related themes: poverty, discrimination and gender equality. The last pages of this document show also the budget for each area discussed.