An economic overview of Malmö, Sweden.

Malmö, which is the third biggest city in Sweden, is located just across the water from Copenhagen, Denmark. The economy of Malmö was traditionally based on shipbuilding and construction related to industries, such as concrete factories. Malmö had a troubled economic situation following the mid-1970s. Between 1990-1995, 27,000 jobs were lost, and the budget deficit was more than one billion Swedish Krona. In 1995, Malmö had Sweden’s highest unemployment rate.

However, during the last few years there has been a revival. The main contributing factor has been the economic integration with Denmark brought about by the Øresund Bridge. Almost 10 percent of the population in Malmö works in Copenhagen, Denmark .

For visitors, Malmö seems quiet, nice, maybe a little boring; that is to say, typically Swedish. However, under the surface, Malmö has serious problems. Malmö has the highest immigrant population in Sweden and one quarter of immigrants are Muslim. Especially in the section of Rosengard in Malmo, most of people living there are Muslim. The unemployment in Rosengard is reported as 70 percent, nearly 40 percent of Rosengard working age residents are jobless. This is a serious problem but the problem seems getting worse.

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2 thoughts on “An economic overview of Malmö, Sweden.

  1. i have never been to Malmø, but the only thing i have heard is that is Scandinavias “ghetto” with a lot of crime and unemployment. Malmø has an big problems when it comes young people struggeling to find a job. Young, bored people are often the reason why it is so much crime. These factors seems like an huge problem, where the only solution is that the city gouvernment or the gouvernemnt helps, and trying to solve the situetion. I think the close relation with Copenhagen, willll benefit Malmø in the future

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