Munich’s labour market policy and measures

In Munich, the local government’s labour market policy backs measures and projects to reduce unemployment, but also to eliminate discrimination and inequalities in the world of work. It focuses on employable persons who are excluded from or threatened by exclusion from the labour market. It seeks to create the right conditions for (re)integration in this market. In this regard, it acts as a catalyst to simplify and accelerate the structural transition in the economy. Munich’s labour market policy rests on three pillars. In the first place the collaboration with local and regional institutions, proven supporters and established partners. Secondly the collaboration and the pooling of experience with European partners. And thirdly promotion of innovative labour market projects (such as Munich’s Employment and Qualifications Program). The last mentioned program (abbreviation: MBQ) focuses on three areas. The employment promotion programs, the structural transition and special programs for young people. MBQ projects and activities promote the occupational and social integration of people who are at a disadvantage on the broader labour market. It also adopts a preventive strategy by boosting qualifications (through training and development) and offering advice and placement services. MBQ thus helps improve the labour market prospects of the individual while responding to the corporate sector’s demand for suitably qualified human resources.


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