Campania suffers from the Mafia-refuse disposal service

Since the amazingly story “Gomorrah” of Robert Saviano, everybody is aware of the difficulties in disposing the trash Italy has.
The Camorra -the “EcoMafia”- which origin is in Nepal has a turnover of 100€ billion a year. The organized crime is the biggest business in Italy, almost 10 percent of GDP do they account.
There are more than 500.000 persons involved and “employed” by the Mafia.
It is not easy to bust them. Mafia clans hide behind legitimate waste-disposal firms bidding for industrial contracts at up to 90 percent below the usual price. They then falsify papers defining the waste as safe or household waste, ship it from all over Italy back to Campania and dump it in pits, lakes, fields, fivers, ravines and the sea. They also mix the garbage with cement which is then used for building homes or asphalt for paving streets.
In some cases, they have sold it to farmers who have spread toxic waste over their fields thinking it was fertilizer. Hundreds of square miles of the Campania region have been declared toxic emergency zones.
It is unbelievable how far this got and how creative the Mafia is at vanishing waste. Unfortunately, no one can measure the consequences of this unfeasible behavior.
But what is obvious is that the Camorra influences the economic life of Italy and especially the standard of living and the quality of life with every toxic and non-toxic waste which is not decontaminated properly.
When we come to think of how this is going to influence the labor market it seems like Campania (and later on Italy) will once have problems to catch up the loss of technology in fields of renewable energy. Technicians and people who want to enforce green economy will not consider live and work there. As well as there won´t be a sustainable thinking in how waste should be depolluted in a correct way.
Until the Mafia is the boss of the garbage there won´t ever be a public refuse disposal service for everyone affordable. This grey sector will grow and no one can stop them.

One thought on “Campania suffers from the Mafia-refuse disposal service

  1. Unfortunately I have to say that the Mafia in Italy is very strong and the whole world knows the strength and power of them. Of course I would say “let’s fight against them” and the government should act to decrease the mafia powers, but it seems useless and impossible. Furthermore I would mention that some important organizations are secretly involved in some mafia actions and that’s the reason why it is very difficult to fight against these waste-disposal firms and the high “employment rate”. But some organizations and/or institutions should combat the Mafia, because this acting of the Mafia is also very dangerous for the population i.e. the house building sector with wrong building materials and the economy i.e. the air which will be polluted because of the toxic waste and people will get ill when they’ll eat the vegetables. And of course, people don’t want to work there and that will be very bad for the labour market.


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