Germany, the European Champion in discrimination of women – a OECD survey

A recent survey of the OECD shows that German women earn significantly less than their male counterparts and the proportion of female executive managers is in comparison with other OECD countries relatively low.

The salary, full time employed women receive, is in average 21% lower than the salary of their male colleagues in a comparable position. This is the highest ratio in whole Europe. The average percentage of salary discrepancy in the 34 industry countries, which form the OECD, is about 16 %. Countries like Norway or Belgium find themselves, with 8 % income difference between men and women, in a pioneer position to equalize the working conditions for both genders.

Furthermore there are only four women represented in Top 100 management positions in Germany. Here again Norway has the highest female quota with 40 %, but also the average of the OECD member states is at about 15% to 20 %. So again Germany lacks behind the other industrialized countries in diversifying its labor force.

Germany´s bad performance in integrating women into the labor market can be explained by missing policies, which could enhance the female participation .
A lot of countries, as Spain, France and the Netherlands, introduced a minimum quota to force companies to employ women also in leading positions. The EU- Commission will discuss about a unitary women´s quota for Europe in summer.

Moreover the possibilities to connect carrier with family are very bad in Germany. The availability of places in day care center is very restricted. The OECD average percentage for childcare is twice as high as the percentage for Germany. Only for 18 % of the children under 2 years is a place in a nursery available. Because of this, women stay home longer to care for the children and therefore they miss the development in their business and have less possibilities to promote, because men usually are not off the job for some years and can follow the current development on time. Also the public care offers for elder children leave a lot to be desired so that the mothers stay home even longer or just work in a part time position.

Now it is up to the German government to create adequate conditions for more women in leading positions so that employers can use the pool of qualified German women who want to work and promote.



2 thoughts on “Germany, the European Champion in discrimination of women – a OECD survey

  1. I think it is unbelievable that Germany which normally seems to be a very modern country shows these low numbers of salary of women. Actually i would guess that German people are more open-mindend and even more fair. But those facts make me some kind of angry. These numbers only show how conservative Germany still is. I mean with Angela Merkel as chancellor we seem to be very advanced but if we take a deeper look we see that this is definitely not true! So we could say that she is a false representative because it is not as it seems to be! Also the fact that women earn that much less than men is very bad and in some kind discriminatory. I am sure they do their jobs at least as good as men, so why do they earn less? These are facts i just do not understand and in addition aspects which need to be improved if Germany wants to be a real modern country!


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